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Strain review by Gatorbackbob: Star Rover

Strain: Star Rover  Grower Name: Gatorbackbob Medium: Roots organic original 2x 1 liter airpots and 1 solo cup  Nutrients: Water only, then gh micro and bloom 6/9 in flower  Lights type and schedule (indoor): Viparspectra 450 at 18/6  Days from Seed: #1 and 2 at 66 days #3 at 60 days  Harvest Points: Took one […]

Strain review by Slowmo: Gold Walker

Strain: Gold Walker Grower Name: Slowmo Medium: Organic Soil Nutrients: Combination of Biotabs and Big Plant Science Hours direct sunlight (outdoor): 8+ Days from Seed: 80 Harvest Points: 70-90 days …. Dry Yield (grams): 100+ Growth Comments: This was my first attempt at outdoor organic auto potting … and the green pheno of Gold Walker […]

Strain review by Musturd: Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: Musturd Medium: Roots OG amended with Roots Elemental and Worm castings in a 3 gallon pot Nutrients: SeaGrow Veg, Bloom and Hawiian Bud. Roots Ancient Amber, Botonicare Cal-Mag+ Lights type and schedule (indoor): Started under CFL then under 600HPS Days from Seed: 80-85 days Harvest Points: 10-20 percent amber Dry […]

Strain review by 912GreenSkell: Nashira

Strain: Nashira Grower Name: 912GreenSkell Outdoor Medium: Promix to start then in the ground natural sand/loam base Nutrients: 1/4 cup of lime, 1 shovel full horse manure, Green PLante Bloom Fuel, Green PLanet procal, Green PLanet Massive, Green PLanet Terpinator, Green PLanet Liquid W-8 Lights type and schedule (indoor): 20 days under 100X3w leds. 24 hour […]

Stunted Goes Full Retard!

Greetings Humans, Aliens, Lizard people and the “Greys” So it has been a long time since I have done a blog post, health has been bad for a while now with me and “Cowbeast” both having to doctor every week…..oh and frying my laptop was a huge setback, laptops hate bong juice. I have lost […]

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