Stunted: Think Duurty

Think Duurty harvest

I finally got the pics done… as I was killing it :)

 New beginning 

There are:
3 x Dragons Breathe (Fem)
4 x Red Stone Dragon
4 x Amnesia Stone
4x Auto Fire99

Restart.10.Sept.2014.pic.2 Restart.10.Sept.2014.pic.1

As you can see from the pics above some are ahead of others, funny because the beans were all popped the same day, then put into coco the next. Then some put the brakes on and decided slow was the way to go lol….me thinks they are forgetting the rules; specifically the “show visible growth daily or die” rule…

I have given several of them a verbal warning about rule breaking and they promised to try hard today, and I promised them that I would kill them tomorrow when they failed!

I don’t remember if I told ya this before so stiff if I did :P
I have been teaching my cat to “Smell my finger” on command and it is going great, she who must be obeyed (the wife) is none to impressed with it at all lol….anyhow stiff shit, the training continues :P

Stay stoned my friends,
Stunted Reboot

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