Stunted Goes Full Retard!

Greetings Humans, Aliens, Lizard people and the “Greys”

So it has been a long time since I have done a blog post, health has been bad for a while now with me and “Cowbeast” both having to doctor every week…..oh and frying my laptop was a huge setback, laptops hate bong juice. I have lost nearly my entire Stunted Art collection of pictures and Astro pics, pissed off that I have lost my 10min M42 image that was one of my best….cant wait to do one from somewhere dark away from the town lights etc.

Back to the good stuff, growing, growing and more growing……
My plan for this grow was/is to break my old plant count record of 156 plants, its gonna be fun and fkn hard at the same time, seems like I am a glutton for punishment….

Stunted Goes Full Retard!

The Strains include: IceBreaker, The Fog, ThinkDuurty (T), DirtySnake, Auto Assassin, Auto Assassin x Duurty Dragon, Purple Jem, GHaze99, AutoFire99, Hopper, NebulaStone, GoldStone, BlueStone, SunStone, RedStone and maybe some others when I remember them.

Everything will be grown in 60Ml plastic shot-glasses and I will be hand watering every one of them, that gives me a chance to inspect each plant and see how it/they are doing.
Also the start of this grow is missing… stupid bong!

25 April 2017
The five biggest plants are DirtySnake, two of them are seed makers, the smaller plants are Auto Assassin and seven of them are seed makers. There were a total of fifty seven Auto Assassin put in on the 27th March, two males were kept for pollinating the seven females I had chosen….and it is at this time I realised I had totally stuffed up the Auto Assassin grow and seed making, me stupid had mixed the Auto Assassin and the Auto Assassin x Duurty Dragon together so now I have no straight Auto Assassin which is sad!

Stay medicated everyone,
Stunted Hospitals

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