Stunted does Sister Discipline, Part 2

Greetings fellow Ozone Depleters,

My two Sister Discipline are still going but “Knot Again” is starting to show signs of unhappiness, I am stunned it has lasted this long, I expected it to be dead just weeks after it was knotted.
This plant is the first that I have successfully done a main stem knot and will likely be the last, it is ridiculously hard to get the main stem knot in the plant without killing it, lost count of the amount I have killed trying but it is well over ten….

I am expecting “Knot Again” to finish in the next two weeks, she has a solid top that is looking good and I am excited to see how she looks after a clean up!







The other Sister Discipline named “Twisted Sister” is going strong, except for the branch I busted the other day which I will likely have to remove. The plant is well behind where it should be at this stage and is going to need a few weeks more than “Knot Again”, I have added another 100w Blackstar LED to the cab in the hopes it will help “Twisted Sister” finish. If I had to chop it now it would be a total loss….




I am really hoping Twisted Sister finishes strongly, actually if it gets close to finishing I will be happy!

Stay wasted Portalismisters,
Stunted Knot

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