Stunted art: Halfy

Greetings and Thank you everyone, you people are too kind :)

It would have been an uneventful week except I forgot to turn my fans back on two days in a row, when discovered everything was soaking wet, hot and humid.
Most of the plants are starting to react poorly to this treatment so I have finished up repairs on the fan electrics…finally.

ThinkDuurty -1 -A/-B have managed to live another week, I may actually get it to finish :)

31 July 2014
Plant A – 18 3/4 inches
Plant B – 19 inches

No pics

1 Aug 2014
Plant A – 18 1/2 inches – Retied
Plant B – 19 1/4 inches – Retied

No pics

3 Aug 2014
Plant A – 18 1/2 inches
Plant B – 19 1/2 inches

No pics

I tied them two up a bit last night to open them up a bit better, I think I will have to remove a few of the bigger fan leaves so I can get a good airflow happening around the bitches….

Update…on my ThinkDuurty (AKA: Halfy)

These next ones were done yesterday morning before I found the mold, I wanted to see how the root growth was :)

ThinkDuurty Roots :)
22 Aug 2014

Roots look fine :)

So it’s the end of the road for Halfy, once mold starts its near impossible to stop it so its best to get the killing done ASAP before the buds turn to crap!
That one small spot can get very big very fast, I have circled the mold in the following pic, it was a very small spot that I found with a torch and magnifying glass during the daily inspection ritual.

And so ends another Stunted journey, it was fun while it lasted…
I must say that I am really amazed that it worked!

Stay stoned my friends,
Stunted Chop


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