Strain review by MediScrogs: Stone Dragon

Strain: Stone Dragon

Grower Name: MediScrogs

Breeder: Stone

Medium: Oregon’s Only #4 mix, amended with KIS Organics Nutrient Pack @ approx. 25% strength

Nutrients: BioBizz- Fishmix and Bloom. Nectar For The Gods- Herculean Harvest (bone meal), Zeus Juice (humic/fulvic/kelp), Demeter’s Destiny (calcium), Aphrodite’s Extraction (sugars), Great White Mycorrhyzae, Silica Blast

Lights type and schedule: 24hr leds, 1-Blackstar v2.0 flowering panel, 1-Mars Hydro 100x3w “old style” panel

Harvest Points: I went for later harvest on all three plants I grew, was looking for heavier, sedative effects.

Dry Yield (grams): 57g, 58g, 127g

Growth Comments: Stone Dragon were all strong growers with noticeable development from day to day. I was late transplanting them to their final pots and this slowed them down a bit, but was able to work them back up to very good health. Beautiful leaf shine and outstanding resin production. Smaller to medium size plants with very dense buds.

Comments on smell (during growth, harvest, etc.): Smell level during growth was average, not a stank machine. Smell was very earthy, like soil, with some notes of anise and carrot. The larger, purple pheno had a grapefruit-citrus odor in the background as well. Finished and cured, the odors are unique with a blend of many smells. My favorite was the large one, smells strongly of coffee, roasted chicory, cocoa, earth, and peanut butter cups. Very unique smells.

The Smell: Earthy, Licorice, Pepper, Pine, Cedar, Grapefruit, Chocolate, Hash, Leather, Coffee, Aniseed, Hazelnut


The Smoke: I use a small bubbler mostly, also joints and a few bowls. The smoke is smooth and satisfying, no harshness. Not a huge lung-expander. Leaves a coating on the teeth.

Method of Delivery: Bong, Joint

8 Taste Inhale (Rate your impression of the taste from 1-10 unpleasant-delicious)

8 Taste Exhale (Rate your impression of the taste from 1-10 unpleasant-delicious)

5- ideal State of Dryness (Rate the dryness of the bud from 1-10 wet-dry where 5 is ideal)

9 Smoke ability (Rate the smoke ability of the sample from 1-10 harsh-smooth)

4 Smoke expansion (Rate how the smoke expands in the lungs from 1-10 stable-expander)

The High: Strong, strong body effects that are good for pain relief. Very soothing for back pain and is like getting a deep tissue massage, very therapeutic effects. With the body there is a clear mental effect, slightly energizing but mostly clear. The 2nd plant had much more mental effects with a less dominant body effect. These examples are very medicinal for pain and stress.


Address final questions immediately after effects have worn off.

 The Dosage (number of hits taken to reach desired effects): A small/medium bubbler will hit 3 to 5 times and gives a good effect.

8 Effect Onset (Rate how quickly the effect hit from 1-10 immediate-major creeper)

9 Potency (Rate the potency of the sample from 0-10 none-devastating)

Hours the effect lasted: 2+ hours with therapeutic residual effects

2 Tolerance build up (Rate how quickly tolerance builds from 0-10 none-rapid)


Rate on a scale of 1-9 where 1 indicates the worst time of day to consume this strain and 9 represents the ideal time of day.

3 Morning (wake up)

2 Day (work)

9 – ideal time of the day Evening (relax)

8 Night (sleep)

10 – Holy Grail Overall Satisfaction (Rate your overall satisfaction from 1-10 poor-Holy Grail)

Do you personally consider this strain a keeper for long-term use?

I am a Medical cannabis user

If you are a med user, describe briefly your health conditions and how this strain affects them
I have degenerative disk disease, which became debilitating in my late 30’s. With back pain I also suffer from stress and depression, and have trouble sleeping. I feel Stone Dragon is one of the best strains I’ve tried for influencing the back pain, it is incredibly soothing and therapeutic for me. Very good stress relief and well-being, I consider this strain a “holy grail” type for med users.


Rate the noticeable medical and negative effects (if any) on a scale of 1-9 mild-severe.

9 – severe Sense of well being

2 Euphoria

8 Anxiety relief

8 Paranoia relief

6 Sex drive

8 Sleep

9 – severe Pain relief

9 – severe Ability to rest or sit still

5 Thought process

5 Speech process

3 Imagination/creativity

3 Humor perception

3 Visual perception

7 Audio perception

3 Taste perception

9 – severe Appetite stimulant

5 Introspective dreaminess

2 Confusion

2 Detachment from reality

5 Altered thinking and memory

3 Bloodshot eyes

5 Reduced coordination and balance

2 Dry mouth

Other: Munchies are a strong effect, usually an hour or two after smoking. I find I have to actually plan my eating around using Stone Dragon. It’s a restful strain, but have gone to bed on it without eating only to be awakened an hour later with a rumbling stomach – does not allow me to sleep unless I have eaten accordingly.

Final Comments: I love Stone Dragon for its therapeutic effects. It is one of the best strains I’ve tried for alleviating back pain. If you smoke some and then go lie down you will feel like you’re getting a deep-tissue massage. It’s very comfortable for your body and easy to melt into the couch, although I don’t feel it is necessarily a couch-locker for me, I can still get up and focus on other things. The “sativa” effects of clear headiness are a good balance so I don’t feel confused, anxious, or dumbed-down in any way, and I can still function with what I’m doing although I feel like I’m walking slightly slower than normal sometimes. I feel very relieved of any stress or anxiety, and pain becomes manageable.


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