Strain Review by Medi: Moonstone

Strain Review by Medi: Moonstone

Strain: Moonstone

Grower Name: Medi

Breeder: Stone


Medium: True Living Organics

Nutrients: Actively Aerated Compost Teas

Lights type and schedule: MarsHydro Reflector series (3w x 96 diodes) 18/6

Days from Seed: 70 days

Harvest Points: Harvested at cloudy for daytime meds.

Dry Yield: 24 grams

Growth Comments: Growth was steady and consistent throughout and the buds grew fairly dense for a strain that seems to have a fair bit of sativa influence.

Comments on smell during growth and harvest: Vegetative growth did not produce very much smell at all.  During late growth the buds took on a very grape like flavor that cured into a more herbaceous and insanely clean smell, it’s one of those smells that you open it to get some buds but you spend a couple minutes with your nose in the jar both enjoying and wondering into the depths of your memory for what the smells remind you of.

The Smell: Sandalwood, Earthy, Hash, Skunk, Musk, Lemon

The Smoke: Very Smooth with little expansion or bite.

Method of Delivery: Vape, Bong, Joint

[9] Taste Inhale (Rate your impression of the taste from 1-10 unpleasant-delicious)

[8] Taste Exhale (Rate your impression of the taste from 1-10 unpleasant-delicious)

[5]State of Dryness (Rate the dryness of the bud from 1-10 wet-dry where 5 is ideal)

[8] Smoke ability (Rate the smoke ability of the sample from 1-10 harsh-smooth)

[5] Smoke expansion (Rate how the smoke expands in the lungs from 1-10 stable-expander)

The High:

Address final questions immediately after effects have worn off.

 [3-4 hits] The Dosage (number of hits taken to reach desired effects)

3-4 hits is a good dose without causing lethargy or excessive  cloudiness.

[4] Effect Onset (Rate how quickly the effect hit from 1-10 immediate-major creeper)

[7] Potency (Rate the potency of the sample from 0-10 none-devastating)

[2-3] Hours the effect lasted

[3] Tolerance build up (Rate how quickly tolerance builds from 0-10 none-rapid)


Rate on a scale of 1-9 where 1 indicates the worst time of day to consume this strain and 9 represents the ideal time of day.

[7] Morning (wake up)

[6] Day (work)

[8] Evening (relax)

[7] Night (sleep)

[8] Overall Satisfaction (Rate your overall satisfaction from 1-10 poor-Holy Grail)

Do you personally consider this strain a keeper for long-term use?

I am a: Medical cannabis user, Recreational user

If you are a med user, describe briefly your health conditions and how this strain affects them
I suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.  The strain is an excellent mood elevator that does not add to my anxiety.  The pain relief is minimal in comparison to other strains like Blackstone or Bluestone, but does seem to affect acute inflammation issues I get in my left shoulder so while it may not be the best pain med it serves very well as a support med in helping with ancillary conditions to chronic pain (i.e. anxiety, depression, and inflammation)

Rate the noticeable medical and negative effects (if any) on a scale of 1-9 mild-severe.

[8] Sense of well being

[8] Euphoria

[6] Anxiety relief

[5] Sex drive

[5] Sleep

[6] Pain relief

[8] Ability to rest or sit still

[5] Thought process

[5] Speech process

[8] Imagination/creativity

[8] Humor perception

[6] Visual perception

[8] Audio perception

[8] Taste perception

[8] Appetite stimulant

[9 – severe} Introspective dreaminess

[2] Detachment from reality

[1] Decreased reaction time

[4] Altered thinking and memory

[4] Bloodshot eyes

[5] Reduced coordination and balance

[6] Increased heart rate

[7] Dry mouth

Other: Reduced coordination is at higher doses, several sittings.

Final Comments: This is the third strain I’ve had from Stone and once again I’m not disappointed.  I have had quite a bit of cannabis touted as medicinal that just got me high or worse left me burnt out and feeling like crap.

All three of these strains had incredible medicinal value and what’s more impressive to me is that all three had unique medicinal value.

The Moonstone – in particular I could see being really good for seasonal depression or the depression/anxiety that so often plagues people with chronic issues. Treating the primary condition is great, but being able to blunt the negative effects of our conditions is something modern medicine neglects all too often and this is where this strain shines most in my opinion.

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