Strain review by FullyAutomatic: Ruby

Strain: Ruby

Grower Name: FullyAutomatic

Medium: Tropic Batmix

Nutrients: Canna a+b and Growers Ark Root Tonic

Hours direct sunlight (outdoor): Between 10 and 5 (British Summer)

Days from Seed: 60

Harvest Points: Harvested at 60 days due to Rot setting in on the main cola.

Sample taken at day 50 (trichs 90% cloudy by that stage). No other harvest points.

Dry Yield (grams): 28 grams

Growth Comments: Grew fast and tall. Spent 2 weeks in veg before showing the first preflowers. Stretch wasn’t incredibly vigorous during flower but didn’t impact on overall production and quality of flower.

She got to nearly 3ft in hight in a 20l pot. And roughly the same in circumference.

Root growth incredibly strong. Very thick, very fibrous, healthy white roots. Surface roots very strong and very thick.

Stem was hollow from crown to root ball, branches took on the same characteristics.

Comments on smell (during growth, harvest, etc.): Nettle smell during veg, changed to a slight skunky smell closer to flower.

Preflower and young flowers smelt like skunk and didn’t develop a noticeable smell until well into flower. At that stage she smelt like light aniseed with a funky, heavy citrus/pineapple smell and a hashy after note. Little hint 9f coffee too.

When she was dry she smelt very grassy but it didn’t it didn’t transfer over to the taste at all.

The Smell: Earthy, Licorice, Pineapple, Grass, Hash, Skunk, Citrus, Coffee, Aniseed

The Smoke: The smoke was beautiful. Early sample was very harsh, but it wasn’t as dry as I’d have liked it to have been.

Smoke at day 60, after a week hanging and another few days in a Mason jar, the smoke was very smooth, expanded well but not enough to cause a coughing fit :D

Very enjoyable. Not one I wanted to put down but not one I wanted to chain smoke (which I have a very bad habit of doing).

Incredibly pleasant and full of flavour. Not a chore to smoke at all!

Method of Delivery: Joint

9 Taste Inhale (Rate your impression of the taste from 1-10 unpleasant-delicious)

9 Taste Exhale (Rate your impression of the taste from 1-10 unpleasant-delicious)

5- ideal State of Dryness (Rate the dryness of the bud from 1-10 wet-dry where 5 is ideal)

8 Smoke ability (Rate the smoke ability of the sample from 1-10 harsh-smooth)

8 Smoke expansion (Rate how the smoke expands in the lungs from 1-10 stable-expander)

The High: It’s a creeper, but very mellow and relaxing

Address final questions immediately after effects have worn off.

I’m a heavy user so a good sized spliff did the job (between .5 and .9g per spliff) The Dosage (number of hits taken to reach desired effects)

6 Effect Onset (Rate how quickly the effect hit from 1-10 immediate-major creeper)

8 Potency (Rate the potency of the sample from 0-10 none-devastating)

Hours the effect lasted: Effects lasted the best part of 3 hours for me personally. But after a good few spliffs the pain and anti inflammatory effects lasted until the day after. 

3 Tolerance build up (Rate how quickly tolerance builds from 0-10 none-rapid)


Rate on a scale of 1-9 where 1 indicates the worst time of day to consume this strain and 9 represents the ideal time of day.

3 Morning (wake up)

2 Day (work)

9 – ideal time of the day Evening (relax)

9 – ideal time of the day Night (sleep)

8 Overall Satisfaction (Rate your overall satisfaction from 1-10 poor-Holy Grail)

Do you personally consider this strain a keeper for long-term use?


I am a Medical cannabis user

If you are a med user, describe briefly your health conditions and how this strain affects them

I’m a chronic pain sufferer. I have CPPS and Chronic prostatic pain which leaves me unable to sit after 20 minutes of doing so and unable to stand for long periods of time.

I also suffer from IBD and severe spinal pain from an injury when I was younger.

I use neuropathic pain meds and very high powered opioids on a daily basis to control my pain.

Ruby (much like the Stone Dragon) numbs and eases the muscles of the affected areas better than any opiate analgesic or anti inflammatory. It makes it easier for me move and makes it possible for me to play with my kids again whilst it lasts.

It helps with my mental state too, it made me feel more at peace with my condition and making the time I’m awake more tolerable. It makes eating alot easier too as I have problems with apitite due to my medication.

All in all, it’s a wonderful plant. Very high resin production. Loooooooads of crystal buildup on the buds as well as the leaf and stems. More than happy with how she turned out and how well she helped me!

Rate the noticeable medical and negative effects (if any) on a scale of 1-9 mild-severe.

9 – severe Sense of well being

7 Euphoria

9 – severe Anxiety relief

8 Paranoia relief

7 Sex drive

8 Sleep

9 – severe Pain relief

7 Ability to rest or sit still

4 Thought process

4 Speech process

7 Imagination/creativity

5 Humor perception

6 Visual perception

6 Audio perception

8 Taste perception

8 Appetite stimulant

5 Introspective dreaminess

1 – mild Anxiety or panic

1 – mild Detachment from reality

1 – mild Decreased reaction time

4 Altered thinking and memory

2 Altered vision

7 Bloodshot eyes

2 Reduced coordination and balance

2 Increased heart rate

8 Dry mouth

Final Comments: Couldn’t be happier with this gift! And I’m honored to have grown her. She’s helped me out alot more than I ever thought she could have. In terms of pain management I couldn’t be happier! And mental relief is second to nun. I thought the Stone Dragon was going to be my favorite go to meds, but Ruby takes the top spot without trying! And I’ve still got trim to run.

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