Strain Review by Duggy: Moonstone

Duggy’s MoonStone Report

Strain: Moonstone

Breeder: Stone

Did it autoflower?: Yes

Soil/Hydro: Coco/Perlite in Autopot.

Nutes: GHE Biosevia range.

Light : 125w 6500k cfl & 100w LED

From seed to harvest date: 109 days

Dry Yield: 46g

200714 ms1


High/Effect Duration: 2 hours… sample @90 days quite motivating, @100 days quite relaxing and harvest @ 109 Nice relaxing high.. mixed sleeping results with 50/50 great sleep/wide awake..

160814 moonstone4

BAG APPEAL: Sticky black buds, what’s not to like..

GROWTH: Easy growth..just some difficulties getting new organic nutrients under control..

SMELL: Earth, fuel, affy smell originally. After 5 weeks in jar the overwhelming scent was linalool at times I wondered where the lilies were…

SMOKE: Rich and smooth. Originally earthy with creamy vanilla but after some cure was Dark chocolate Afghan… with prominent cocoa at times..

MEDICAL NOTES: Harvested with only a few percent amber gave good motivation with no anxiety. Mixed results as sleep aid.

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