Strain review by ChillFred: Rainbow Moonstone

Strain: Rainbow Moonstone

Grower Name: ChillFred

Medium: Coco/Soil

Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients

Lights type and schedule: 18/6 LED

Days from Seed: 64

Harvest Points: Harvested at 64 days was a bit early. Should have waited another 10 days or so.

Dry Yield: 58 grams

Growth Comments: Vigorous girl up until she stopped growing at day 32 or so. She was in a 20L airpot with 50% biobizz light mix and 50% coco and only reached 50cm tall and harvested 58 grams. My current Rainbow Moonstone is just as tall even though she has been topped and is on day 32 at the moment in a 5.7L square plastic pot only containing biobizz light mix, no coco. I think the medium blend is the main reason she turned out so stunted, and of course overfeeding.

Comments on smell (during growth, harvest, etc.): From the first sign of pre-flowers, up until around the end of week 5, it was like taking a walk through a pine forest when working in my cabinet. Over the course of the next 2 weeks she was still smelling heavily of pine but got a more musky/herbal tone to her, and I would start noticing a hint of something tropical fruity which I narrowed down to a pineapple scent. This fruity pineapple aroma became more and more pungent as the buds swelled and it just kept getting stronger up until harvest when getting close to the buds. By the end of week 8, she had lost almost all pine smell and instead the overall tone of her had gotten much more musky/herbal tone of incense. This incense smell took over the overall tone of the plant for the last part of the grow and didn’t change… Maybe lost some smell at around 8.5 weeks. Up close, however, the sweet and tropical fruity buds did become more and more pungent but also, as they matured, they took on more smells. In combination with the sweet tropical pineapple, something floral turned up… Fresh rose petals! Delightful.

The Smell: Earthy, Floral, Mango, Fruit, Pine, Pineapple, Citrus, Musk, Spice, Lemon, Incense, Woody, Mandarin

The Smoke: Harvested at 9 weeks the smoke hits you right away with a whack to the head and makes u sleepy. Doesn’t keep me sleeping though – only helps me fall asleep.

However quick tolerance build up and after a week much better daytime med then what I’ve been smoking the last few months of 2016.

Method of Delivery: Joint

7 Taste Inhale (Rate your impression of the taste from 1-10 unpleasant-delicious)

7 Taste Exhale (Rate your impression of the taste from 1-10 unpleasant-delicious)

5- ideal State of Dryness (Rate the dryness of the bud from 1-10 wet-dry where 5 is ideal)

7 Smoke ability (Rate the smoke ability of the sample from 1-10 harsh-smooth)

8 Smoke expansion (Rate how the smoke expands in the lungs from 1-10 stable-expander)

The High: Direct hitter

Address final questions immediately after effects have worn off.

3 puffs The Dosage (number of hits taken to reach desired effects)

2 Effect Onset (Rate how quickly the effect hit from 1-10 immediate-major creeper)

8 Potency (Rate the potency of the sample from 0-10 none-devastating)

1 Hours the effect lasted

10 – rapid Tolerance build up (Rate how quickly tolerance builds from 0-10 none-rapid)


Rate on a scale of 1-9 where 1 indicates the worst time of day to consume this strain and 9 represents the ideal time of day.

1 – worst time of the day Morning (wake up)

5 Day (work)

9 – ideal time of the day Evening (relax)

6 Night (sleep)

7 Overall Satisfaction (Rate your overall satisfaction from 1-10 poor-Holy Grail)

I am a Medical cannabis user, Recreational user

If you are a med user, describe briefly your health conditions and how this strain affects them

I have Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD) also known as Borderline. Cannabis helps me with the symptoms from this condition.

I also have a back injury which in periods of pain makes me an insomniac and I need an extra med boost during these periods so I make caps.

Rate the noticeable medical and negative effects (if any) on a scale of 1-9 mild-severe.

7 Sense of well being

7 Euphoria

3 Anxiety relief

4 Paranoia relief

6 Sex drive

6 Sleep

2 Pain relief

9  Ability to rest or sit still

5 Imagination/creativity

7 Humor perception

3 Visual perception

7 Appetite stimulant

4 Paranoia

5 Anxiety or panic

9 Increased heart rate

9  Dry mouth

Final Comments: This specimen of Rainbow Moonstone was not the best med for me but I see the potential in the strain and therefore the reason I am growing another sample. The smoke is real potent for a 9 week harvest but the smells I encountered this grow is reason good enough dropping Rainbow Moonstone again. Tastes and smells are delightful.

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