Strain Review by Castle: Amnesia Stone99

Strain: Amnesia Stone99

Grower Name: Castle

Breeder: Stone

Medium: Mixture of 3/5 GH Organic Coco Coir, 2/5 Fox Farm Ocean Forest that has been pasteurized and inoculated with Plant Success Great White, Organic Lime

Nutrients: Botanicare KIND- Base, Vegetative, Bloom

Lights type and schedule: Veg- 96 watt T5 13 hours/ 400 watt hps 11 hours. Flower – 400 watt hps 11 hours/13 hours darkness

Days from Seed: Day 65 for first half of Harvest, Day 69 for second half of Harvest

Harvest Points: Had to harvest in place, too large to remove from tent. Buds were continuing to swell when cut, had to harvest a bit earlier than expected due to lack of medicine. Has produced more resin than any auto I have worked with thus far. Extremely pungent when trimming. Unlike some autoflowers which require a long cure to bring out the subtle terpenes, the flowers from this possess a wonderful flavor as soon as they are dry.

Dry Yield: 70 grams

Growth Comments: Evenly spaced nodal structure, high calyx-to-leaf ratio, dense colas. A breeze to harvest. Top cola did not take prominence, each main top seemed to have almost the same density, with a couple in particular that were denser than the top cola. Naturally broad,even canopy,smaller leaves,and adequate internodal spacing allowed for much better light penetration.
28 inches tall in a #2 container, not counting roots, at day 38. Canopy was 20 inches x 24 inches.
Temps swung very heavily during this season due to climate change, temps ranged from   below freezing to hot this Feb. Indoor growing temps at night got as low as 50 degrees and 85 degrees during the daytime. 20-65% Humidity.

Comments on smell (during growth, harvest, etc.): The terpenes in this flower are out of this world, and will throw you for a loop. At first, the aromas being produced don’t really ring of anything too pungent. For the most part, the live flowers maintained a distinct hash aroma and nothing more. This is the special part. Undisturbed, the Amnesia Stone99 is unassuming, but as soon as the resin and leaf tissue is disturbed in any way it will release a terpene bomb. The Afghani Skunk (almost B.O.) smell hits first. Followed by the hashy,rotten fruit chem, but it doesn’t stop there. There is an underlying floral/lavender pungency that alternates between sweet and fruity. Then the chem smell becomes stronger and changes into something akin to sauteed onions/ or mild garlic. The flavor that evolves from these aromas is nothing short of a sauteed-onion chem plum surrounded by exotic incense and floral perfumes. The first chem plum flowers I have experienced. Out of sight.

The Smell: Berry, Floral, Fruit, Rotten, Hash, Skunk, Musk, Spice, Vanilla, Plum, Lilac, Lavender, Incense, Violet

The Smoke: For a regular smoker this a one hitter, smooth inhales lead to rising euphoria that suspends you in a moment and keeps you there for a few hours. Still retains the narcotic edge so it will put someone to sleep with little effort. Sauteed-onion chem plum inhale/slightly sweet and floral cream exhale. Blue, voluminous, and highly expansive vapor has the potential to catch a person off-guard.

Method of Delivery: Vape

10 – delicious Taste Inhale (Rate your impression of the taste from 1-10 unpleasant-delicious)

10 – delicious Taste Exhale (Rate your impression of the taste from 1-10 unpleasant-delicious)

10 – dry State of Dryness (Rate the dryness of the bud from 1-10 wet-dry where 5 is ideal)

10 – smooth Smoke ability (Rate the smoke ability of the sample from 1-10 harsh-smooth)

10 – expander Smoke expansion (Rate how the smoke expands in the lungs from 1-10 stable-expander)

The High: Sativa Dominant with an Indica Edge. Instant, Potent. Energetic, Confusing, and Narcotic

Address final questions immediately after effects have worn off.

The Dosage (number of hits taken to reach desired effects): 1-15+ hits 

1 – immediate Effect Onset (Rate how quickly the effect hit from 1-10 immediate-major creeper)

9 Potency (Rate the potency of the sample from 0-10 none-devastating)

The effect lasted 4 hours 

3 Tolerance build up (Rate how quickly tolerance builds from 0-10 none-rapid)


Rate on a scale of 1-9 where 1 indicates the worst time of day to consume this strain and 9 represents the ideal time of day.

5 Usability (wake up)

6 Usability (work)

7 Usability  (relax)

8 Usability (sleep)

9 – Overall Satisfaction (Rate your overall satisfaction from 1-10 poor-Holy Grail)

I am a Medical cannabis user

If you are a med user, describe briefly your health conditions and how this strain affects them
Work Accidents – spinal injuries, surgeries, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia.
Amnesia Stone99 cheers me up with a real soaring high. Eases tension in neck and shoulders, Lightens my mood, and relaxes some of the muscles in my lower back. This in turn helps me sleep better. I feel it is because of my high cannabinoid intake, that it doesn’t devastate me as much as it does others who don’t vape, still numbs the mind just fine. It does have the narcotic potential to make you very sleepy.

Rate the noticeable medical and negative effects (if any) on a scale of 1-9 mild-severe.

6 Sense of well being

9 – severe Euphoria

8 Anxiety relief

3 Paranoia relief

6 Sex drive

8 Sleep

7 Pain relief

8 Ability to rest or sit still

8 Thought process

5 Speech process

8 Imagination/creativity

9 – severe Humor perception

8 Visual perception

9 – severe Audio perception

6 Taste perception

9 – severe Appetite stimulant

9 – severe Introspective dreaminess

2 Paranoia

9 – severe Confusion

1 – mild Restlessness

1 – mild Hallucinations

1 – mild Anxiety or panic

8 Detachment from reality

9 – severe Decreased reaction time

9 – severe Altered thinking and memory

5 Altered vision

9 – severe Bloodshot eyes

6 Reduced coordination and balance

8 Increased heart rate

9 – severe Dry mouth

Final Comments: The original Energizer autoflower. High resin production and dense buds. When vaporizing, the flowers just keep going, and going, and going. Can facilitate sessions that last for up to an hour per bowl. It was quite ironic when another smoker completely forgot what this strain had been named. Their mind had been completely numbed to the point that fluent sentences became a chore. Their eyelids grew very heavy. Amnesia Stone 99 had them in one bowl and they couldn’t remember anything they had been speaking of. A very quick and hardy medicinal flower and a true flavor experience.


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