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Amnesia Stone99

Blue Jade

13 thoughts on “Stone Collection

  1. CLMonkey says:

    Excellent info stone! Thank you for all your hard work.
    Peace and good health

  2. VapedAs says:

    Higher Self hit the nail on the head with that statement, truly a wonderful Med. Sets the bar high for these next babies!
    Agree with Oldster to, always interesting to find out lineage and what we are actually smelling and from what part of the mix it came from.
    Your life ventures are inspiring to move away from Pharmaceuticals and look to a natural alternative. And perhaps could not have gotten here without it all.
    Love your work, never stop my friend…

  3. Noods says:

    Hi Stone!

    I am also very grateful for your dedication and hard work. You’ve provided life-long help and relief for my ailing lumbar vertebrae and all the complications that go with that.

    THANK YOU for that!

    Happy Birthday, my friend!

    Love and Light

  4. Stone says:

    Hey Noods, I am very glad to see you my old friend :Approve:
    Do you still grow SD? :Happy-Grin:
    Meet the first tester of Stone Dragon, my friends – Noods :Who-s-the-man:

  5. Cocha says:

    Good to see you here too Noods :Who-s-the-man: & Happy Birthday Stone … I have decided its chop time for this Moonstone .Took a few pics with more to follow with a final update once the chops & dry’s done :Happy-Grin: :Weary: A few days early @ day 80 (will check trichs now).Sharing some scissor hash with you soon buds ! :Overjoy:

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