Stone’s Collection: Stone99 under GN Holographic series 1 30-35 days

Stone99 day 34

Stone99 under GN Holographic series 1 – 30-35 days

  • Indoor: 180 x 100 x 50
  • Medium: Canna coco 70%, Perlite  30%  
  • Pot: 6 litter airpot
  • Kind of training: Leaf tucking till day 33 then fan leaves removed
  • Age of the plant: 30-35 days
  • Height of the plant: day 30 – 37 cm; day 31 – 38 cm; day 32 –  39 cm; day 33 – N.A; day 34 – 42 cm, day 35 – 45 cm
  • Temperature: 17-22*C
  • Relative humidity: 60-65%
  • Lights type and schedule: GN Holographic series 1 on 18/6. So far I am pleased with the results for 2 weeks.
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: AN Sensi grow/bloom, Sensizym, bud candy, bud ignitor, bud factor X, Vit B52 
  • GROWTH: Another 10 cm growth  for the last 5 days but I don’t expect her to stretch much – she is branching and shooting new growth at the lower branches. I removed the upper big fan leaves at day 33 as I always do with most of my plants because of the constant crowd – old habits die hard  :Happy-Grin: I decided to show the other girl in the cab – Stonewreck  :Overjoy:  A cross made and gifted by a good friend MrK, cheers mate  :Who-s-the-man: She is the same age – 35 days old so let’s see what that GN HS1 baby could do with these girls. There are more exotic girls in Stone’s harem waiting to be shown, stay tuned  :Wink: 

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