Stone was Think… ing Duurty

  • Think Duurty
  • Think Duurty  week 10
  • Medium: 70% Canna Coco 30% Perlite 
  • Pot (size/type): 6 litter airpot
  • Kind of training (if any): none
  • Height of the plant: 120 cm
  • Temperature: 18-23 C
  • Relative humidity: 70-85 %
  • Lights type and schedule: 2 GN MS006/Rebel hybrids; 18/6
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: Hesi, AN
  • Days from Seed: 70-77 days
  • Growth: Last update was at week 5 when the stretch just had begun and she grew about 50 cm more the next 2 weeks and ended kissing the lights and showing chlorosis from LEDs.  
  • Very sturdy and robust plant. I was hoping for purple though… I could only imagine how these plants would perform in bigger pots or outdoors. Once the bloom started she was fast to finish the next 3 weeks. Humidity was very high as always and she did just fine without any mould issues. The tent was crowded and lower branches had no chance  to develop properly but main cola was massive. I harvested partially the tops, left the lowers for another week and then they went into hash pile.
  • Harvest Points: tops – 70 days, lowers – 77 days. Cloudy trichomes just starting to amber.
  • Smell during growth and before/after harvest: Actually I expected more smelly girl knowing one of the parents. Till early bloom  it was green canna, in full bloom pine with light tropical citrus floral nuances, in late bloom the dirty/skunky/rotten fruits undertones appeared but still not too intensive. After harvest untrimmed buds were in the humidor box for 24 hours for initial cure and even the RH : Then ALL buds were put in 1 brown bag for 3-4 days and then trimmed. They smelled very earthy during that time and slowly dried following NW drying in brown paper bags method and finishing in humidor really improved aromas. After Think Duurty was in brown paper bags for 2 weeks it went to the humidor box for another week of final slow drying and adjusting humidity before these nugs got jarred.  2-3 weeks after jarring strong Oregano and citrus/incense/hazelnut undertones. Slow drying really helps nailing various aspects of aromas. Smells keep changing daily though…
  • The Smell: Earthy, Floral, Pine, Citrus, Dirty, Oregano, Incense, Hazelnut
  • The Initial Sample Smoke: Smooth and clean after good flush at the end.  I was sampling the last week while cleaning and redecorating the house and that sampling become addiction – to start and end the day thinking duurty. Pretty versatile meds that is so familiar.  Small vape doses – uplifting and energetic, good concentration for working. Ideal for starting the day with coffee – you will need at least 30-40 minutes after consumption to come to your senses and focus… The first 30 minutes it hits strong first in the stomach and then slowly wrapping you with hot waves of euphoria, strong blood circulation booster but that was expected. Great relief for my damaged nerves and bones. I love it – such sense of well-being and enjoying life.  
  • Great after work as well – you can just relax with a smile and enjoy being a part of this time and space… 
  • Munchies – inevitable munchies  :Movie-Time: 
  • Well, ending the day with Think Duurty and visiting dreamland is remarkable too.  My first sample was with wet bud in the Solo before sleep. Man, Did I fall asleep before finishing the vape and waking up the next morning?   :Zzzzzz:
  • Think DuurtyMethod of Delivery: Vape, Joint
  • 2  low temp sessions with Arizer Solo to nail smells,  lighting up a big fat joint made the magic happen. I am a heavy user and this one works for me.
  • [8] Morning (wake up);
  • [6]  Day (work);
  • [7]  Evening (relax);
  • [9]  Night (sleep); 
  • [8] Sense of Well-being
  • [8] Euphoria
  • [7] Sex drive
  • [8.5] Potency and Overall Satisfaction

Stunted, my friend, thank you for the opportunity to test these special meds  :Who-s-the-man: These beauties deserve repro  :Wink: 

Cheers  :Beer:

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