Stone Dragon Chronicles: Unpublished review and smoke report

Hey my friends. I would like to share with you one unpublished review of Stone Dragon that was shared with me in private.

Everyone who has unpublished grow or smoke notes for sharing is more than welcome to submit them. Thank you shareone

MY FIRST AUTOFLOWER GROW: Stone Dragon grow review 

Spring – summer 2013

Slovenia outdoors

After I saw the pictures of the Stone Dragons on the net, I decided, that I want to try to grow those plants.

So I got the Stone Dragon seeds and just in case that the Dragons all turn male, some Northern Lights Fem seeds. I read some things about autoflowers on the net, and while waiting for the right moon (I do all my gardening with the moon calendar or what it’s called.) I prepared the pots with the soil – I used 12l pots, and a mix of 45% of cheap soil from the store, 45% of really good soil from the woods, and 10% of hydroton. Under the pots (in a small greenhouse that I built) I put a mixture of soil, sand, small rocks and manure. This mixture is on one side 20 cm deep and then falls diagonally to the other side that is about 50cm deep. For three dragons I prepared a hole in the ground for each of them, about 8l big.

When the right moon came I put the seeds in. I had them inside. After they came out, I put the pots in the greenhouse. Then it was terrible. The weather got so so bad – for two weeks it was raining, the temperatures at night were about zero. The plants “grew” like crazy, some almost 20cm tall and still had only baby leaves and they were lying on the ground like they were shot. So I made small supporters from wire, to keep them straight. Then luckily the sun came out after this short second winter we had, and the plants started getting stronger – I was impressed (a couple of Northern Lights plants that I had, didn’t survive, so I’m not even talking about them).

So, they were growing, after one month and a half they started to show their sex, and I started adding “nutrients”. Homemade. I put a lot of nettle in a pot with water, left it there for a week, and then I used it for watering once a week.

Very powerful: After a couple of weeks, the plants in the pots, where there were 50cm of that mixture I talked before, under them, started growing like crazy in height. I think the roots were trough the pots already in the soil with the manure. The one on the side with 20cm of mixture under them didn’t grow anymore.

Then I got a bottle of Plagron Alga bloom or something like this. And I was adding it till 2 weeks ago when I started adding PK13/14.

The plants that are on the deep ground are crazy. Got to bent one and the greenhouse it’s 166cm tall!! So the plant itself is at least 130cm :) the others are about 60-80cm the ones I got outside about 30,40cm.

They have about 5-6 hours of direct sun, the greenhouse is covered with UVB foil.

stone dragon slovenia review01 stone dragon review stone dragon review

MY FIRST AUTOFLOWER GROW: Stone Dragon smoke report 

Sorry that I didn’t finish to write what I have started about the Dragons, but just a couple of days before I had harvest the last Stone Dragon, my “alarms” around my greenhouse were turned on and I got a little scared, and I stay quite for a while, because I didn’t know who was messing around my place, even if it was just some plants, with the people that live around there, you never know…

But now, it’s all gone

And man, it was good!

This is the best thing I have ever smoked in my life and it suits all my needs.

The smell was so beautiful. Like a mixture of lemon, thyme, and fresh chopped wood.

The effect. With no problem can be smoked during the day, you can be high but still with eyes wide open.

The concentration doesn’t suffer; you can do whatever you want. Gives kind of motivation, energy, but when a friend smoked it, he wasn’t able to play the guitar so I guess that it depends from person to person.

It’s great for smoking before sex. It’s an aphrodisiac. My girlfriend loved it.

For medical effects I will tell you like this. I have a healthy lifestyle, I try to eat as good as possible, a lot of vegetables, no fast food, just home cooking and I do a lot of exercises, so for now I don’t have any problems that have to be cured, but after a couple of days, after I smoked my last Stone Dragon joint, I got sick for two weeks, with terrible headaches a constant beep in my ears and high temperature :) so put it like you want.

And at the end if I wanted to have a deep relax in the evening or on a Sunday afternoon, I just put some more that I was used to, and goodbye :) I’m not here.

In short, I love it but now I have to wait. I made a couple of seeds last year (I just drag a male on a female, to avoid having seeds on all the plants), so I can’t wait for the first generation of Slovenian Stone Dragon.

stone dragon review stone dragon review

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