Sister Discipline chop – “Knot Again”

Greetings fellow bipeds,

I have chopped the Sister Discipline known as “Knot Again”, it was starting to have some real problems so I am glad it was chopping time.

How time flies….remember when it was little :P

21 July 2016 Sister Discipline Pre-Chop
The pre-chop clean-up is done and she is looking very nice, the main cola is HARD!
I chop like this so as to spread it over two days…my back likes it much better this way.



22 July 2016 Sister Discipline Chop
The chop is done, Yay it made it to the finish…. Who would have thought a plant could grow and finish with a knot in the main stem!
I am well pleased with the result, she is covered in frosty goodness and stinks like cat piss!!!!

You will see more Sister Discipline in the future, however you will not see a main stem knot again from me. Many many plants died just to get this one result… so it is the first and last main stem knot I will be doing…ever!

Stay wasted people,
Stunted Knot


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