Shades of black: Moonstone and Black Stone April 2016

Hey my friends,

Long time no show  :Elvis:

I am really sorry for the absence, almost a year :Pondering:  You know life gets busy but it’s not an excuse to skip repeatedly the main reason Autoflower Portal was created – to grow and show our girls, to share how they treat us and enjoying to grow in general.

I have so many new projects that I want to proceed and share with you but decided to go back to the classics and restock them or fail miserably, who knows :Caveman:

 In the beginning of April I started about 200 regular seeds for selection this time in 1l airpots – 5, 10 or 15 seeds in each pot  :Happy-Grin: The first week was dedicated for seedlings selection, thinning and hunting for keepers. In Some pots I PICKED the winners almost immediately from sprout, for others had to keep more plants but in general at day 10 the initial selection of first started batch was done.

Black Stone

 I started 4 generations Black Stone to go back and follow their development and colours changing, also nute sensitivity and anomalies related with black coloured leaves and flowers. 

For 4 weeks growing and comparing them I noticed and learned a lot for past mistakes.

In general growing in multipots delays seedlings development significantly because they struggle to set roots and find their place in that small pot. 

What I noticed – Black Stone F2, F3 and F4 have different shades of black. I observe them from seeds and the first selection by colour was done with germinated sprouts.

Also Black Stone F2, F3 and F4 are way slower than F5. F5 were re-worked, N sensitivity and slow start were solved and now it’s time for Black Stone F6 if everything goes to plan.

F2 –  only 2 plants was left at day 10, first sexed male at 14 days and was ripped off and repotted outdoors, the other plant sexed female at 26 days, F3 sexed female at 24 days – only 1 very dark coloured plant was left at day 5-6, F4 – 3 plants were left and the first female sexed at 28 days, the rest were terminated (too damn slow), F5 – 16 DAYS – THE WINNER.

Considering the multipot factor in ideal conditions these numbers will drop but it’s for the records. I’ll focus on Black Stone F5 mainly and show the chosen F5 girl for pollen donor. You will see the pictures and learn more details when the time comes. 


Back to the lovely Moonstone, the classy girl  :Roses-are-red: 

I started 3 different lines to pick up the winners  for  some feminised seeds if all goes as planned.

Moonstone F2 peach pheno, Moonstone F2 bubblegum pheno and Moonstone F3 berry dark pheno (2 pots) – 15 regular seeds of each. On day 10 in the pots were left only the chosen ones still unsexed – 1 plant in a pot. The rest were ripped off the pots and dumped outdoors for survival test…

The indoor chosen survivors sexed as follows: Moonstone F3 dark berry – a girl (18 days), Moonstone F2 peach (16 days) was started a week earlier – luckily a girl chosen for pollen donor, Moonstone F2 bubblegum (17 days) – hmm, a boy, Moonstone F3 berry (17 days) – a boy, both were put outdoors as a backup if something goes wrong :Wink: 

I’ll give more details and show the other girls on next update. Some are still in 1l pots and I haven’t decided how to proceed with them. They are already stunted for staying too long in the crowded small pots and may leave them to finish in 1l pots because I drop new seeds all the time and keep hunting. 

  • Medium: Coco – I didn’t have perlite when I started and all plants are in pure coco which is a drawback that slowed them down too. 
  • Pot (size/type): started in 1l airpots, Moonstone F3 repotted to 6l airpot, the Black Stones F2, F3 and F5 – in 3l airpots, the rest are still in 1l airpots.
  • Age of the plants: The journey began at the end of March.
  • Temperature: 20-24 C
  • Relative humidity: 50-90 RH
  • Lights type and schedule: 2x GN MS006 Rebel hybrids; 2x GN HS-1; 18/6
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: I decided to keep it simple and use only Hesi – Root complex, TNT, Bloom booster, PK 13/14

And it’s time to show you these beauties and see if I haven’t lost my touch  :Wink:

Thank you for following  :THANK-YOU:

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