Review: Crafty Portable Vaporizer


I recently killed my Solo vape… Finally one drop too many and it would not heat up.

So in the market for a New hand held I searched. Didn’t take too long once I had seen the reviews for the Crafty vape by Storz & Bickel same guys who make the Volcano etc.

I’ve had mine for a couple of weeks now and Honestly I wouldn’t be without it.

The usual blue and orange box.


Contents of Crafty¬†box… Herbs Not supplied


Twist of the top to load chamber.


Top off, chamber exposed… Next part is cool.


You get this which looks like a grinder but is a clever little filling tool..


Bottom unscrews and screws on to the unit.


Top screws off and you lift out the middle, push stuff into the hole and replace middle part, screw on lid and take off vape.


Filled chamber. It’s about the same amount as the Solo.


Re-fix Crafty top and turn on. Takes about 90 seconds to heat up and the draw and taste are Excellent. So easy to draw on it NO resistance at all.


I Love. They are a little pricey but I honestly feel that they are worth it…

Yes it has some very minor faults, like the aggressive shut-off, unit turns off after 1 min of inactivity, but a simple tap on the on button and it resets the minute. But there is an App for it too all heat settings are adjusted and lights etc all done on the app. Factory setting of 180C I find works fine and there is a 15C boost, which is accessed by double tapping the on button.

Battery lasts about 60 mins which they say is 4 x 15 min smoke secession. But as it charges using USB lead it can be charged just about anywhere, as long as it has 30% charge left in the battery you can also use it while it charges.

Took me a fair while to switch to vapes and to be honest I still enjoy the odd joint.

You can use oils and concentrates as long as they aren’t too runny.


It’s snuggle in the chamber.


That is solid hard and not full melt. Worked well and tasted Lovely, to be honest that was the first time I have tried it and I can assure you it won’t be the last.


Cleaning is easy, only need to clean the top and it all comes apart for ease.

ISO and the brush supplied takes 10 mins.

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