Ramblings of an old farmer – Quick Green Dragon

Well, it was time to mix up a new batch of Green Dragon so I thought I would post my process. I find this to be great for sleep. 1 cc held in my mouth for about 30 seconds starts to kick in after about 30 minutes. It allows me to sleep all night and wake up without feeling groggy. I make the GD using decent decarbed bud and 150 proof Everclear.

Step 1. Decarb the bud you plan to use. I decarb in the oven for 75 minutes at 215 degrees F. I like to do mine at this low of temperature to preserve as many of the terpenes as possible. When 75 minutes are up I turn off the oven and allow things to cool. I generally decarb enough for several batches at a time.

Decarbed bud

Decarbed Bud


Step 2. Weigh out 1/8 of an oz. of the decarbed bud. By weighing after decarbing you eliminate moisture and produce a more consistent GD. Break up the bud with your fingers until it is nice and fine, place in a container (I use an 8 oz. Mason jar) and fill it to the 4 oz. line with the Everclear.

Bud after being broken up

Ground Decarbed Bud

Bud and Everclear ready to cook

Bud and Everclear

Step 3. Place the container with the ground bud and Everclear in a pan of water and heat it to 170 to 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. If you don’t have a thermometer you can tell by watching the Everclear. When the temperature is correct you will have little bubbles coming to the surface and the ground bud swirling around in the Everclear as the alcohol starts to boil away. Do this step with good ventilation. When the contents have been reduced to about 3 oz. remove it from the heat and allow to cool. Since I like to take the GD straight, boiling off about 1 oz. of the alcohol reduces how much it burns in your mouth.

Cooking the Green Dragon

GD Cooking

Step 4. Strain the now cool Green Dragon. I use fine paint strainers available at paint and hardware stores. They remove all but the very finest of material, do not absorb much of the liquid, and water or oils go through them very quickly .



The finished product will be dark green, place it in a tincture bottle and protect from light.

Enjoy a good nights sleep.

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