Rainbow Moonstone HARVEST

Hey Hey my friends!!

The time has come for my harvest update. Its been 9 weeks since this girl broke surface and declared Day 1, and it has been a hell of a ride! I’ve done a ton of careless mistakes throughout the grow but I am still learning and dialling in my grow space and style. First of all, she didn’t really like the medium blend of 50% Biobizz Light mix and 50% coco coir. I believe my Fairy Frost I grew 6 months ago absolutely loved the medium, yielding me 6 ounces of bud, but every plant since then hasn’t really been as happy for it. This girl was extremely vigorous for the first 3 weeks and then started slowing down quite a lot and stopped stretching completely at around day 32-33, measuring in at only 49cm. This makes her the shortest/most compact plant Ive grown in a 20L airpot (AKA Stunted i guess :mrgreen: ). It was also the first plant I’ve grown where I started feeding Bloom nutrients before she showed pre-flowers… Previous grows I have always fed vegetative nutrients until she stops stretching so this was something completely different and I didn’t even use half the line up I usually do. I just gave it a shot but I wasn’t sure which additives/boosters I’d use and this was definitely one of the reasons she decided not to stretch too much. For her size though she stacked plenty of bud!

This grow has been a real learning session for me and especially my nose… Ive read a ton about terpenes and the flavours in Cannabis so that I could give a more accurate description of what I am smelling. Not knowing anything about terpenes and just trying to figure out what you are smelling out of nowhere is immensely difficult. Just knowing what could be smelled has really payed off. Also growing different strains helps, so you can reset your nose, kinda like the ginger you get when you eat Sushi. In-between smells, you take a whiff off another strain and it gets easier again.

Ok, lets take a walk down memory lane and see what I have been smelling….

From the first sign of pre-flowers, up until around the end of week 5, it was like taking a walk through a pine forest when working in my cabinet. Over the course of the next 2 weeks she was still smelling heavily of pine but got a more musky/herbal tone to her, and I would start noticing a hint of something tropical fruity which I narrowed down to a pineapple scent. This fruity pineapple aroma became more and more pungent as the buds swelled and it just kept getting stronger up until harvest when getting close to the buds. By the end of week 8, she had lost almost all pine smell and instead the overall tone of her had gotten much more musky/herbal, reminding me of the smell of incense when visiting Buddhist temples in China as a child. Nostalgia, lol. This incense smell took over the overall tone of the plant for the last part of the grow and didn’t change… Maybe lost some smell at around 8.5 weeks. Up close, however, the sweet and tropical fruity buds did become more and more pungent but also, as they matured, they took on more smells. In combination with the sweet tropical pineapple, something floral turned up… and for the first few days I was completely lost but after visiting my (Grand)mother-in-law, and (she knows I’m into gardening and flowers) she showed me the beautiful roses she had gotten as a Christmas present… I took a smell and directly realised that it was the same as what I had been noticing in my dear Rainbow Moonstone. Fresh rose petals! Delightful.

Harvesting this girl didn’t take many hours, the bud to leaf ratio was excellent!. I have no doubt that the smoke is fire which is too bad since I’m not able to smoke at the moment. Which means, a proper smoke report on this strain will have to wait a couple months… but will definitely be the first smoke I have when the timing is right! Maybe, just maybe…… I’ll cheat in a couple of weeks and have a vape so I can deliver a smoke report…

I am planning on running this girl in the first “Guess the yield” contest in 2017!! So… lets get you all warmed up with some harvest pictures! When the buds have dried I will jar them and post more pictures in the Guess The Yield thread!



A great name in Cannabis passed away yesterday, Franco Loja from Strain Hunters. May you rest in peace.

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