Rainbow Moonstone Day 58

Hey Hey my friends,

It’s day 58 and I thought I’d tell you that I’m going away on Sunday or Monday 1/2nd of January and will be gone for 3 days. Not sure if Ill be harvesting before I go or after I come back. Misses ChillFred is in charge over my garden those days and she always does a great job! I’m thinking that I’ll be starting my weeklies on my next round of Portal plants in a few days as well.

  • Strain: Rainbow Moonstone
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Medium (hydro/soil/coco): 50% soil (Biobizz Light Mix) 50% Coco
  • Pot (size/type): 20L Airpot
  • Kind of training (if any): Did some defoliation to let some light through to my younger plants…  Nothing serious though, only a few leaves.
  • Age of the plant (days or weeks): 58 Days
  • Height of the plant: 49cm
  • Temperature: Lights off: 22° C ; Lights on: 25C
  • Relative humidity: Nighttime: 45-48% ; Daytime: 41% (driest), 48% shortly after watering
  • Lights type and schedule (for indoor): 300W LED Growboard running 18/6
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: 1L of tap water
  • Growth (short notes and comments about the plant): 4th day of plain water, starting to really eat herself.
  • Smell: Not much different than yesterday. Still very much of incense and roses. Up close you can still find that sweet and tropical fruit smell.
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