Rainbow Moonstone 32-42 days

Strain: Rainbow Moonstone

Medium: 50% Soil (Biobizz Light-mix) / 50% Coco

Pot: 20L airpot

Kind of training: none

Age of the plant: Days 32 through 42

Height of the plant: 48cm

Temperature: 22-27 C (72 – 80 F)

Relative Humidity: 45 – 55 %

After loosing a crop to mold last year I make sure that the pots are dry when nighttime hits. I turned the fan to its high speed setting today, which brings down the humidity a few percent. I will also be adding a dehumidifier to the cabinet in a few days if needed.

Lights type and schedule: 300 watt LED Growboard

Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: I feed with every watering, watering twice a day. The lights are on between 10.30am and 4.30pm, and currently I water about 150ml once between 7 and 8am and another 700ml at around 5pm.

Day 32-34 (510 PPM) ; 2ml/L Bloom A/B ; 1ml/L Carboload, CalMag, Voodoo Juice

Day 35-39 (626 PPM) ; 2ml/L Bloom A/B ; 1ml/L Carboload, B-52, Big Bud, Voodoo Juice

Day 40-42 (749 PPM) ; 2.5ml/L Bloom A/B ; 1.5ml/L Carboload ; 1ml/L Big Bud, B-52, CalMag

I chose to skip out on CalMag for a few days, but by day 39 I was seeing some minor signs of deficiences, so its back in her diet now again. Hungry girl…

As you can see, I increase the feeding PPM as often as I can. I like seeing how far I can push my autos and it’s currently at 749 PPM which is more than most autoflowers I’ve grown could handle at this age.

Growth: She has only gained just over 2 inches or 6cm since my last update, so she is a short girl. But I think this has to do with a inferior medium blend, some of my autos have liked it but some not. However her short height doesnt seem to be stopping her from producing lots of bud for me. She is swelling steadily and buds are a good size for her age.

Smell: Working in my cabinet is like taking a walk through a pine forest but here and there my nose catches a scent of fresh pineapple. The second I open my cabinet the entire house stinks up!


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