I have been an avid Heirloom Veggie, herb, flower, berry, fruit, and ornamental tree cultivator for 37 years, living in the harsh Northern Climate of the PNW, USA. So growing and breeding Cannabis came naturally to me.

Like many other MMJ patents, I first became dependent and then addicted to pharmaceutical pain killers. When I went Cold Turkey from very high daily dosages, I knew that I needed some natural form of pain management. Thus my entry into the world of trying to find the right Medical Strains, to truly help make me somewhat functional. As most if not all of us chronic pain patients know, depression, anxiety, and insomnia can and typically does become a part of our daily lives. My battle with all of the above ailments led me on an eight year fast paced and often challenging struggle to find the most effective strains for my many mental and physical infirmities. My heart is always to share what strains work for me with other medical patients that I care- give for, and all of you reading these lines.

Over the last seven years, I have had to weed through most of the so called ‘High CBD’ strains that the large commercial ‘breeders’ are dumping onto the market as fast as they can without proper testing. I am sure many of you have personally experienced this in your quest for High CBD strains. I have, and am also exceedingly privileged to be able to network with many of the best private breeders in the world. These fine breeders, primarily medical patients themselves have provided me with true and stable High CBD seeds, cuts, as well as pollen. My first acquisition was a lab tested pure CBD Z6 pheno (10-15% CBD: .3% THC) personally delivered to me by the tester/breeder as a gift. This exact Z6 pheno is being used in both Washington, and Colorado State, USA, to treat children with Dravet Syndrome. Same CBD to THC numbers as the strain Charlottes WebZ6 does not do well indoors, but I was able to source some Harli-Tsu seeds, which for those that may not know (Harlequin Tsunami) is a Californian dispensary only strain Harle-Tsu is a very high CBD strain typically 22-24% with low THC content. There is a much higher chance of finding High CBD pheonos more easily than most other commercial ‘High CBD’strains that I know of on the market today. I combined the (Z6 with Harli-Tsu), The grower is able to find High CBD phenos 90% + of the time. Individually and collectively these are some of the back bone of my several current and of upcoming releases.

I have personally found that many of the Indica land races are naturally higher in CBD and so many other medicinal compounds that have been bred out in favor of concentrating only on high THC content, and high yield. For that reason, I work with many of these Indica land races.

I grow and make seeds with many photosensitive and autoflower genetics, primarily Indica and CBD genetics.


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