Photo Contest: My Best Autoflower Portal picture – July 2016

Hey my friends,

The time has come to start our regular photo contests and games.

It’s a pleasure to announce the first photo contest – YOUR BEST PICTURE JULY 2016.  :Movie-Time: 

 How to Participate

This contest is for everyone who has grown Autoflower Portal strains. Now you have the chance to show them and get a reward for your work  :Wink: 

Submit a picture using the submission form at the end of this post, members can place their submissions in the forum. The title must include the name of the strain and the year grown.

 Submissions should be placed till 25th July.

 Contest Rules

Contestants can participate with  up to 3 pictures for 3 different strains per month. Keep in mind you CAN’T submit the same pictures for next months competitions so choose wisely. If you have more extraordinary pictures, save them for the next months.

You can participate with any picture – whole plant, flowers, close-ups, bud shots, seedlings even pictures of seeds as long as they are Autoflower Portal strains. 

The pictures have to be own author’s pictures. 

Any picture from Autoflower Portal Collections is accepted.

Autoflower Portal reserves the right to use the pictures in articles for magazines and catalogs.

Winners will take their place in Autoflower Portal Wall of Fame Gallery.

The Winners

Winners will be chosen by all of you in a public poll the last week of the month (25 – 31 July).

The Prizes will be special UNRELEASED/LIMITED EDITION seeds.  I will be performing some germination tests  and details about prizes will be announced in the forum. Stay tuned. 

First prize –  10  seeds 

Second prize – 7 seeds

Third prize –  5 seeds

Vote in forum

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