Nashira: Full grow log

Hi everybody. I thought that I would bring you a grow review of one of my latest creations in collaboration with Stone. Moonstone Amnesia x Sour Mango and goes by the name of Nashira – the bringer of good news.

They say a picture says a 1000 words so time to get writing lol..

4 Nashira fem seeds went for a 24 hr soak and then the pics follow them until around about day 30ish.

Here we are and the girls are moving towards full flowering. Both pots started out with 2 seedling in each and the fastest were left to grow out, those of you that have grown the parents of these 2 will clearly recognise mine and Stone’s phenos.

Harvest time

I decided to chop these at different points.. First was the smaller of the 2 @ day 67 her Trichs where mostly cloudy with 10/15% ambers.

And the second Nashira  a week or so later… Day 77. Showing 30%+ amber on her at harvest.

Both plants are now dry and in jars for curing. When burped there is a nice Orange, Mango, Ginger smell from them..

That about wraps up this grow report and i will be back in a few weeks with a smoke report.

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