N.W: The Green Cracks

N.W: The Green Cracks

Another week done in the Green crack tent. Lots going on and I will break it the update and explain.

Firstly we have the Cross: Green Crack x SourD because these are Semi-auto they have been in flower around a week or so more the the Photo Green Crack. So I will call these 3 weeks into flower. Stretching and budding nicely.

Next is the Green Crack photoperiod girl. Shes been in flower for 2 weeks. Last of the Green Crack clones.

Next are the Younger Green Crack x SourD. This one was saved because it’s a different pheno to the older ones but no males… It’s too late to start more seed looking for a male to pollinate these girls. Even though this one is still not in full flower yet.

This is also a Green Crack x SourD girl that was marked for termination. I left her in the shed all last week as I didn’t have time to cull her in the week, but when I went to do it she looked too nice. So the New plan is – yesterday I started more seed in search of a fast male to go with this fast showing female… fingers crossed.

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