Monkey’s Sour Caramel Chop

Hello Portal today was chop day for my 2 Sour Caramel at day 84. my intentions were to let them go to 90 days, but the last 3 days they haven’t put on any weight so i decided to end their lives. :-) During the first 30 days I struggled a little and i feel i kept them too wet. causing the roots to not get as strong as i would have liked.. but they managed to finish despite my goof. I found them to be very good eaters..but not total pigs. i am running LED’s so they did require regular Cal-Mag to keep them eating good. I use organic nutes, but i still believe in water feedings for the last 2 weeks to allow them to go through their normal end of life draining of the stored up goodies. I feel letting the plant do this gives me a smoother more flavorful smoke. about some pictures :-)
Here are the 2 girls waiting to get chopped the tallest is about 29 inches tall.

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