Mega Micro Madness: Watering Joy

Greetings planet polluters,

The Mega Micro Madness continues but sometimes (most of the time actually) I wish it would end… I spend a stupid amount of time fixing and watering and the worst is still to come!

First up is some of Rebels creations, six Silver Run and 2 Sister Discipline, they would be going better had I not dropped them on their heads. I will try really hard to not kill them… anymore.

Next is what scares me, 82 Amnesia Stone and 37 Moonstone Amnesia and a lonely Red Stone, they should start showing sex soon so that will thin them out a little. I also do not like the Red Stone… there is nothing wrong with it… I just want to kill it!
Maybe I will torment it a little…


A six pack of older Moonstone’s, they did not stretch much at all, some strains are better for micro than others :)

Next is Sour Mango and SourD Caramel; the Sour Mango have stretched a bit more than the Sour Caramel but I am still hoping for some more stretch.


Next is my Think Duurty… the lack of color is disappointing, one day I will get a purple one!

The four AutoFire99 are going well and covered in trich’s like last time, these things show sex then trich is crazy :)

And lastly the three Specials… one fell into a bucket of nutes this morning.. stupid thing was super thirsty so maybe that’s why it wanted to get in the bucket….

Sooooo that is all of the plants except for the two Auto Assassin bean makers, some of the plants are needing to be watered twice a day and some will likely need three very soon. The weather here is warming up already and will just make everything harder, 30c tomorrow… oh joy!

Well I better go water them some more…
Stay stoned Earthlings,
Stunted Winter

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