Mega Micro Madness – SourD chop

Greetings Sentient Beings of the planet Earth,

Well I finally got around to cutting the SourD’s, one purple and one green, they are both very nice looking mini trees.
They have been flowering since the 7th June 2015, so about 12 1/2 weeks :)

First a picture from 22 June 2015 and one from the 15 Aug 2015.
MMM.22.June.2015.Pic.01.SourD.3.4 MMM.15.Aug.2015.SourD.Pic.01

It has been a pleasure to grow these SourD, they were an easy grow compared to some other strains I have.
The Purple SourD missed a flood and was drooping when I found it, she came back well but the damage was already done, at least it lived till the end.

There was very little trimming to be done with both of them, picked a couple of leaves out….that’s all the trimming they got!
So far the SourD (green) has been the heaviest of all in this Madness run, 17.11g’s and the purple one being 12.02g’s, both are harder than a honeymooners dick, very pleased with the weight and will definitely run more of these in the future!
Everyone should have at least one go of the SourD’s, a potent strain, couple of hits and I am shitfaced!!!


Some more SourD pictures:

And lastly a picture with various plants in three different stages of growth :)


Stay stoned SourD smokers,
Stunted Bonsai

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