Mega Micro Madness – Sour Caramel and Sour Mango


Greetings walking garbage generators,

The Sour Caramel and Sour Mango adventure has ended, a little earlier than I would have liked but its better to chop than to risk mold issues. It has gotten very hot here fast so I have to run my swampy air-con (evaperative Aircon) and it makes the humidity in my house go to 83%…. Heat + Humidity = Budrot/Mold so I prefer to chop a little earlier than I normally would.
After drying and weighing I now regret chopping them early and should have taken the risk, the extra two weeks growing would have increased the yield by a good amount or… could of made them moldy… oh well I don’t really like gambling with my plants.

1st August

Seeds were put in Coco, there were 4 x Sour Mango and 12 x Sour Caramel, they all popped up after a few days making me most pleased.
They went along smoothly over the next few weeks and somehow I managed to NOT stunt any of them, it is tricky when using very small containers…a 6in+ tall plant is excellent in 60ml shot glass size containers and all the females were over that with the Sour Mango and Sour Caramel, both grow very well in micro grows it seems :)

Sexing, all 16 plants sexed over three days, I wish all strains sexed over such a short period.
28 August (males showing first like normal)
Sour Mango – 2 is male, dead now
Sour Mango – 3 is female, yay first female to show :)
Sour Caramel – 3 is female
Sour Caramel – 4 is male, dead
Sour Caramel – 7 is male, dead
Sour Caramel – 9 is male, dead
Sour Caramel – 10 is male, dead
Sour Caramel – 12 is female

29 August
Sour Mango – 1 is female
Sour Caramel – 5 is female
Sour Caramel – 6 is female
Sour Caramel – 8 is female

31 August
Sour Mango – 4 is female
Sour Caramel -1 is male, dead
Sour Caramel – 2 is female

Things were going along great until summer decided to start a few months early, it got nasty hot real fast and the plants began drinking lots…I have not stopped watering since it seems :P

7 October

Not only is it stupid hot but I think I forgot to water Sour Mango – 1 and she was wilted to the point of no return when found, I did try to save it but could see it was really a lost cause, on the 9th Oct I finished her off… you can see her torture below.
It did however allow me to have an early test vape and it is nice and strong, just how I like my meds!

17 October

they are 11 weeks old (from seed) and I have decided to chop (regret that now lol), they are so hard I could hammer a nail in with any of the 8 females, they feel very heavy in the hand.

I do not have a wet weight but I do have the dry weights… strange as that may be… oh and I don’t really know what weight goes with what plant sorry… if you look at the pictures you can sorta guess which was what tho :P
4.25g, 3.94g, 3.93g, 3.89g, 3.82g, 3.49g, 3.41g, 2.74g
29.47 grams from 8 micros… so the average is 3.68 grams dry per plant!
An excellent yield if I do say so myself!

Now it is picture reading time :)

001.MMM.8.Sept.2015.Pic.02 002.MMM.8.Sept.2015.Pic.03 003.MMM.16.Sept.2015.Pic.01 004.MMM.16.Sept.2015.Pic.02 005.MMM.16.Sept.2015.Pic.04 006.MMM.23.Sept.2015.Pic.01 007.MMM.23.Sept.2015.Pic.03 008.MMM.25.Sept.2015.Pic.09.SourD.Mango 009.MMM.25.Sept.2015.Pic.10.SourD.Mango 010.MMM.25.Sept.2015.Pic.13.SourD.Caramel 011.MMM.25.Sept.2015.Pic.14.SourD.Caramel 012.MMM.7.Oct.2015.Pic.01 013.MMM.7.Oct.2015.Pic.02 014.MMM.7.Oct.2015.Pic.04 015.MMM.7.Oct.2015.Pic.05 016.MMM.9.Oct.2015.Pic.15 017.MMM.9.Oct.2015.Pic.16 018.MMM.9.Oct.2015.Pic.18 019.MMM.17.Oct.2015.Pic.05 020MMM.17.Oct.2015.Pic.08 021.MMM.17.Oct.2015.Pic.09 022.MMM.17.Oct.2015.Pic.12 023.MMM.17.Oct.2015.Pic.15 024.MMM.17.Oct.2015.Pic.13 025.MMM.17.Oct.2015.Pic.17

Stay stoned folks,
Stunted Wangdoodle

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