Mega Micro Madness November Part 2:The chop


Mega Micro Madness, November Part 2, The chop

Greetings Portal Peeps,

19th November 2015
Today is the day that most will die, the heat and humidity is off the charts and I cannot risk having moldy buds! 29 Amnesia Stone (Breeder:Stone) need to be chopped, lucky I have spent some time preparing for this chop. With most popcorn, small buds and big fan leaves already removed the chopping should be super easy….

After what seemed like forever the chopping is done except for a couple, I had to stop as it got a bit too painful to continue… I have only a couple of pics of the trimmed up buds, a big pile and a weight shot. 310 grams wet from 29 Amnesia Stone micros, I am pleased with that!



20th November 2015
Time to chop the last 7 Moonstone Amnesia (Breeder:Stone), I just hacked at them like a lunatic till they looked trimmed… my back is trashed and I just wanna stop doing this chopping shit!!!!!



One of the Sister Discipline (Breeder:Rebel) and the last Silver Run were chopped.



So that leaves one Sister Discipline left, its the one in the pics with wire on it.. it’s gonna go for a ride… in the next post :)

Stay stoned blogsters,
Stunted Back

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