Mega Micro Madness – And then there were none!

Yay me the Mega Micro Madness grow is finally over after 7ish months, I R beings the overjoyed tremendously big huge largely!
No-one likes to wait for the good shit so here it is now :)
The strain is “Sister Discipline” bred by “Rebel”

It didn’t go exactly to plan… only two of three engines fired causing it to spin wildly as it shot down the wire lol… and check out the movement of the wire, I had it tight to the point were it was scaring me just being near it!
That big top cola got burnt up from the two engines exhaust, Sister Discipline + Black powder = a big smelly cloud!
At least the plant was destroyed since that was the main objective of the exercise.
When it impacted the fence it was traveling around 61 Kph (17 meters per second), there is no damage to the fence but one of the engines has visible damage which is impressive considering how solid them casings are!
Oh and sorry the audio is missing from the first view… I blame the drugs…

And that my friends is The End…

Stay stoned everybody,
Stunted Finale

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