Mega Micro Madness: The Chop

Greetings tree killers,

The time has come to end the lives of the older ones as I need the space for more.
Every one of the plants is rock hard and very frosty, trimming was as easy as it gets, snip snip done.
Most plants when grown this way end up as a bud on a stick, works out great when you have many many plants.

I only have wet weights but that’s better than no weights :P

SourD-4 =13.15g
SourD Mango-1 =9.16g
SourD Mango-5 =9.88g
Amnesia Stone-2 =4.96g
Amnesia Stone-4 =11.18g
Amnesia Stone99-2 =9.56g
Amnesia Stone99-3 =8.88g
Moonstone Amnesia-1 =9.31g
Moonstone Amnesia-3 =10.04g

Can you guess which plant was accidentally pollinated?
All seeds from it will be binned, I only grew it out so you could see the difference between seeded and not seeded.
Once pollinated the plant uses loads of energy making the seeds instead of buds.
Enjoy the pictures my friends,

Stunted Growing

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