Mega Micro Madness – AutoFire99 chop

Greetings Herbalising Humans,

So today it is AutoFire99 day, all three were cut and trimmed. Trimming is simple when there is little on there to trim.
All three AutoFire99 plants are super frosty, rock solid and stink much like cat piss, I cannot wait to vape my face off with some :)

They are 69 days from seed (9 weeks 6 days) and are ripe for picking!
Wet weight is 37 grams total, I am pretty happy with that.

Growing was a bit harder than normal as these wanted a lower PH and most times I just ignored the plants screams for some low PH anything. Most of what they got was PH6.3, I did run lower PH for a little bit here and there, just enough to keep everything growing at a nice pace.

Picture time :)





The very sad looking Triple plant from one bean… what a shame it didn’t grow a bit.


Group shot: AutoFire-1-2-3
I have 8 more AutoFire99 on the go now, not sexed yet but they should show soonly, they are already a bit upset already with the current PH so I will be running 5.8-6.0 PH for them.

Lastly a picture of what is left to chop :)
Stay stoned Portal People,
Stunted Urine

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