Mega Micro Madness 25th Sept


Greetings organism’s infesting the planet known as Earth,

Well I have been slacking on the updates a lot recently, I blame all the watering I now have to do… all day!
Anyhow stiff shit and moving right along…

20th Aug 2015, many many seeds were put into Coco, 87 Amnesia Stone, 41 MoonStone Amnesia and 2 Red Stone.
After sexing (Sept17th-23rd) there are 52 Amnesia Stone and 19 MoonStone Amnesia females. Sadly one RedStone had FTG just after reaching daylight, after I terminated it I could not bare to see that other Red Stone all on its own so I killed it as well!
It was the right thing to do.
Pics taken on Day 36 from seed (except the Red Stone): First and second are Amnesia Stone, third is Moonstone Amnesia and finally the last Red Stone just before I killed it :)





Next up is Rebel’s creations, Sister Discipline x2 and Silver Run x5. Seven females from eight seeds, one Silver Run was male so was terminated. The last Silver Run was holding out on showing sex so I fired off some macro shots in close and it shows as female :)
These were put in Coco on the 26th Aug and sexed on 21st/22nd/25th Sept.
Pics: First is the Sister Discipline, second is Silver Run and the last is the macro sex shot.




Next is my two Auto Assassin bean makers, they just live in the corners happily growing some seed.
Both showed sex on the 29th Aug and were pollinated with an Auto Assassin male on the 7th Sept, so far so good!



Next is the Sour Mango x 3, two of them have stretched nicely and should bud up very well by the time the end comes.
Four Sour Mango were put into Coco on the 1st Aug and sexed on the 28th,29th & 31st Aug, only one was male.



Next is the Sour Caramel, twelve seeds were planted on the 1st Aug and sexed on 28th,29th & 31st Aug. These have been an easy grow so far and I cant wait to vape some… I am getting excited already!



Lastly are my three “Specials”, they are still growing but its getting pretty hard to keep them alive… they are a little too big for the pots they are in and they dry out very fast!



I think there are 92 plants in total, 89 of them are females and stupid me has to hand water every one of them twice a day.
Never again will I do a huge micro grow like this, its hard… hard like a honeymooners dick!
Another thing I don’t like is having plants of differing ages, it makes tracking them a hassle… the upside is I have buds on a sort of regular basis, mixing three different nute mixes is no fun either.
By the time the Sour Caramel/Sour Mango are ready I will likely be outta happy herbs, the minute I run out is when the plants start loosing bits here and there… a day without drugs is like night!!

Stay stoned folks!
Stunted Slacking

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