Medical Cannabis Research News – part 4


This is another part of Medical Cannabis News, which is dedicated to a research on colon cancer and mechanism of tumor inhibition by THC.

Colon cancer research

International teams of Italian and British researchers have studied the effect of standardized Cannabis Sativa extract on colon carcinogenesis.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide in men and women and costs of treatment are rising constantly during the years.

The researchers have used standardized cannabis extract with high CBD – this is an extract of known amounts of phytocannabinoids. They have compared these extracts with pure CBD, which is known to reduce tumor formation in nervous system, inhibit cancer cells invasion and decrease the growth of breast carcinoma and lung metastasis in rodents.

They have used mice model to study the effect of pure CBD and standardized cannabis extract with high CBD and discovered that standardized cannabis extract with high CBD has shown great inhibition of cancer growth in comparison of pure CBD. The authors suggest that this is a result of activation of both cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2, while pure CBD seems to activate only cannabinoid receptor 1. [1]

Mechanism of tumor inhibition by THC

British team of researchers have made a great progress in discovering the mechanism of THC inhibition of cancer cells. 

The team has used breast cancer cells to induce tumors in mice which then they treated with doses of THC. They discovered that cannabinoid receptor 1 and GPR55 are involved in tumor growth inhibition by THC.

This is an important step to understand the mechanism of THC inhibition of tumor growth.

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