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Breeder Interview: Kaos Kreationz

We would like to welcome to Autoflower Portal Kaos – Medical Cannabis breeder and founder of Kaos Kreationz. It was a pleasure to speak with Kaos about his breeding plans and projects.  How did you come across cannabis? Kaos: I grew up with cannabis around me constantly. It was as normal to me as tobacco. My […]

Interview: Growing Autoflowers in DWC with Cocha

It is a great pleasure to speak to our friend, Cocha, who decided to share with us something about himself and to reveal some tips and tricks about growing autoflowers in hydro (DWC). You already expect this question so I won’t disappoint you :Happy:  How did you come across cannabis and when did you start growing? […]

Tester Interview: VapedAs

Tester Interview: VapedAs [responsivevoice_button]` Hey my friends  :Hello:  It’s a great pleasure to share our conversations with VapedAs – medical cannabis user, tester and friend  :Who-s-the-man:  How did you come across cannabis as medicine? Did someone recommend it to you or you discover it on your own? VapedAs: Surprisingly I did not manage to come across […]

Cannabis Campaigner Interview: Alun Buffry

Alun Buffry, 64, BSc Chemistry Author: Cannabis: Legalise and Utilise (out of print) From Dot to Cleopatra (History of Ancient Egypt) Out of Joint: 20 Years Campaigning for cannabis Co-author of “Cannabis: Challenging the Criminal Justice System” along with Don Barnard Co-founder Campaign to Legalise Cannabis International Association (CLCIA) 1992 Co-founder, National Coordinator, Nominating Officer of Legalise […]