How to shape your plant into a Fan: Part 1

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Greetings fellow AutoFlower lovers,

Here is my¬† step by step guide on how to make a “Fan” shaped plant, it looks way harder than it actually is and I encourage you to give it a go.
Two pictures of what the end product should look like….well hopefully.
Think Different Fan


The Preparation:
So let’s get bending…A couple of pics of the selected plant and the items I will be using, try to find some tie wire that has a rubber coating over it….it does less damage to the plants.
Picture two and three show the plant before and after a haircut, normally the leaves stay ON!!! I have removed the leaves so you can see the plant better.
Mi5 Fan Pic 3

Mi5 Fan pic 4

Mi5 Fan pic 5

Now it is naked and you can see the branches it should be easy to spot what is going left or right…in the picture you can see it clearly divided with a red line.
Mi5 Fan pic 6

As I use nice square pots that I don’t want to drill holes in I have made a harness to hold the two rails on, it doesn’t matter how you attach them….what matters is that you do it and make it tight. Below it a picture sequence showing the two rails being attached, note that that two lowest branches were removed as they were too short and in the way of the rails…you may need to do the same thing.
Mi5 Fan pic 7

Mi5 Fan pic 8

Mi5 Fan pic 9

Mi5 Fan pic 10

So that’s the plant set up ready for bending, you need to be very gentle when bending…you need to pull the branches down and around at the same time. Moving the branches around is the easy part it’s the pulling down where things can go horribly wrong.

If you think something is going to break then STOP, just move it a little, tie it then leave it a few hours before moving it some more, continue doing that until the branch is where you want it to be.

The Bending:
Start by adding a tie just below the first and second nodes on the lowest branch, then starting with tie one drag the branch around and down as far as you dare then tie it to one of the rails. Now get the second tie and do the exact same thing but not so tight. The ties closest to the stem of the plant will generally always be the tightest ones, then the second node out etc.

I started on the right side but it doesn’t matter which side you start with :)
Mi5 Fan tie 1. pic 11

Mi5 Fan pic 12

Now on to the left side, I have numbered the ties in the order they are put on the plant. Bottom branch first then the next one up. Note that tie 5 is tied to the rail and is pushing the lower branch in a bit, so it serves two purposes :)
Mi5 Fan pic 13

Don’t forget to check that everything is lining up correctly….
Mi5 Fan pic 14

Mi5 Fan pic 15

Mi5 Fan pic 16

A couple of closer shots after doing three branches on each side.
Mi5 Fan pic 17

Mi5 Fan pic 18


As you work your way up the plant you may notice it start to lean to one side, this will happen if the ties on one side are tighter than the other…happens to me all the time, just put a tie on to straighten it back up then continue on.
Mi5 Fan pic 19

And done…only four branches per side but it would not be long before the fifth are ready (long enough).
Mi5 Fan pic 20

Mi5 Fan pic 21

Mi5 Fan pic 22

As the plant grows you can add more ties as needed, you will also need to adjust the ties every few days so they do not cut into the plant, just loosen the tie slightly and move it a little….

Stunted Say’s Stay Stoned everybody,
Stunted Guide

Coming in Part 2….
A Mossy’s Jem Fan without rails.
/Hugs Mossy
Mossy's Jem Fan pic1 3.Aug.2013

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