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Category Archives: High CBD Strain

High CBD Strain

Strain review by Purple Reign: CBD Yeti

Strain: CBD Yeti Grower Name: Purple Reign Medium: 50:50 Coco/Perliter Nutrients: GH Micro and Bloom. Humboldt’s Secret Bud Stacker Lights type and schedule (indoor): 400w HPS, 2 X King 1500 LED Panels Days from Seed: 65 Harvest Points: Everything was harvested with Trichs being 5% amber and 95% cloudy. The prime buds were placed inside […]

Strain Review by Lost in space: Lost Stone

Grower’s name: Lost in space Breeder: Stone Indoor Medium:  66% Promix, 33% Coarse perlite Nutrients: Vegging, espoma veggie mix, FF big bloom, cal/mag, sugar beet mollases, sea salt. Bloom  advanced nutrients bud candy, general organics bio thrive, FF tiger bloom, and  some local honey. Lights (indoor): One Vipar 300 watt LED and one 270 watt […]

Briman’s Indoor Grow: Stone99 and Stone Dragon

Set up Indoor: Tent is a GrowLab 120 Medium (hydro/soil/coco): soil Pot (size/type): 5 gallon pots filled with Humboldt Mix Lights type and schedule (for indoor): dual California Lightworks Solar Storm 400 Led’s Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: Nutes will be Advanced Nutrients Sensi Line 7 November 2014 All is good in the tent! Temps are steady at 79F and […]

Storm ravished Stone Dragons

Stone Dragon F3 regs. • Grown both Indoors and Outdoors • Grown in Soil: (Pro-Mix BX) in 3 Gallon Fabric Pots • Never measured Height of the plant but guessing 18-24 inches for both phenos • Indoor Temperatures were 80-81 F. Outdoor temps from 60-110 F. • Relative humidity: Indoors 50-60 in veg and 40ish […]

H.S. Garden: Moonstone and Stone Dragon

H.S. Garden: Moonstone and Stone Dragon Hello again. I’m back in the garden before rest. Here’s some details. Indoor Grow: 2x2x5 Growlab60 Medium: Roots Original 707 Pot (size/type): 3 gallon pots Temperature: 80-84 F (26-28 C) Relative Humidity: 40-60% Lights type and schedule: California light works solarflare 220w fullcycle and one 40w 6500k CFL. Nutrients […]

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