Guess the yield: Fairy Frost by pyrokev

Hey my friends,

The time to renew the guessing games has come and today we’re starting with Fairy Frost that pyrokev just finished last week.

The exact or closest guess in grams wins 6 fem seeds: 3 seeds Fairy Frost and 3 seeds Rainbow Moonstone.

There will be only one prize and one winner but don’t worry if you miss this time, new games coming regularly.

Next is Fairy Frost by chillfred  :Superman: 

Game starts now (3 August 22:30 pm) and ends next Wednesday (10 August 22:30 pm UK time).

Post your guess in the comments, unregistered users can also participate. 


Good luck  :Approve:

Fairy Frost 3 (3)

Fairy Frost 3 bud 1

Fairy Frost 3 bud 4

Fairy Frost 3 bud 5

Fairy Frost 3 bud 6

FF game-3


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