Grow together: Tips and Tricks by Unholyfire


Can you explain briefly how you germinate seeds?
I keep my seed stock in the freezer. First remove them and let them set out for at least 2 hours. After the thaw I place them in a small container (shot glass or similar container) of water for 24 hours. I either use bottled water or well water. Next step I take a damp paper towel and place it in small plastic cantainer that has a lid (sandwich style or similar). I only use enough paper towel to have one layer for the bottom and one layer for the top. Next, in between the two layers of paper towels i will add my seed. Be sure to spread them out so when they sprout the roots will not get tangled with each other. The more seeds the bigger the container you will want to use so they can have room. Next, I place my seeds on a seeding heat mat in a dark place. You can place them anywhere thats dark and warm 10-20 degrees over ambient temperature. I check them every 24 hours to look for a tap root to show and to make sure the paper towel stays damp. You just want the towel damp, not wet. Pour off any extra water that might build up from over watering or fromthe container sweating. You dont want your seeds to drown. After i see any sign of a tap root showing i gently move each seed to it’s own starter seedling plug and place them in a seedling starter tray with a clear dome. I have two, 2 foot T5 daylight Flourescent bulbs that hang over them. (like the ones you can buy that you put under dark cabinets) They can be found online or in most department stores and hardware stores in the lighting section. I picked mine up in a seedling kit online that came with the seedling mat, tray, dome, plugs and lights. After a few days when the first sign of leafs show and before the root comes out of the bottom of the starter plug I move them to the pot of soil that will be there home for the next 65 to 95 days.

Do you have any tricks or systems to germinating?
I’ve tried about every way that i read about online. Some worked and some didn’t. This method works best for me. I went from having 50% or less germination rate to a 99% or 100%. The kit was about 50$ total at a local hydroponics store but everything can be purchased online or at your local department, hardware or garden store for around the same price.

How do you grow?

Is the size of the plant container relevant to Autoflowers?

I guess that would depend or how big you want your plant to be or how much roo. You have to grow in. I’ve grown in a computer case using 22 ounce plastic cups to a 2 gallon fabric pot in a 2 x 2 x 4 tent and have seen them grown in 5 gallon pots. I just depends on you, the grower and what your limits are.

When do you start feeding?

Week 1

What do you consider is ‘Day 1’ (most feeding schedules refer to Day 1 or 2 or Week 1 or 2) for your seedling? Day one for me is the day I move them to the soil with some green leafs showing.

How do you feed your plants and what do you give them?

I feed my plants every water and give use General Organics GO Box Organic Nutrient Pack. It has everything I’ve ever needed to grow.

How do you water your plants? And how do you assess when they need watering?

I water until the water flows out of the bottom of the pot and the pot is heavy. I assess they need water when i can pick the put up and It’s very light but before the leafs start drooping.

What kind of water do you use?

Well water

Do you treat your autos like photoperiods during the first 3 weeks?

I’ve really never grown a photo plant so I’d have to say no. I treat them like an autoflower.


Please describe any important changes or routines you may have that benefit the plant at this stage. (E.g Do you Flush? Do you re-plant? Do you trim or train? How does your feeding change – if at all?)

I don’t flush. I do like to bent and trim a leaf or to so the plant can get maximum light from top to bottom. I have never replanted.

What signifies the beginning of flowering in your grows?

When there are good signs or pistols showing on the tops. I guess around 5 weeks.

At what point do you give PK boosters, if at all – please explain? I just follow the drections that came with the nutrients I buy.

Can you tell us what other supplements you may give your plants? (e.g CO2, sweetners, bacteria, etc)

Do you make changes to the light distances during the switch from veg to flowering? No. I run 18 hours or light and 6 hours or dark from start to finish.

What temperatures do you try to keep to in your grow environment? Light and dark periods?

73 to 75 degrees dark and 75 to 78 degrees light.

Do you manage the humidity in your grow space? Does this change for flowering?

I do keep a small tray of water in the tent during veg stage. Nothing during flower.

Do you flush at all in this stage of plant development? I use plain water only for 10 days before harvest.


How do you feed your plants during flowering? Does it change through the whole period of flowering?

I still follow the drections that come with the nutrients I use and it works great for me.

What about watering through the flowering cycle – does this differ to earlier watering routines? No. Just the nutrients change for me.

When do you harvest? What are the signals to tell you to chop the plant?

I do watch the trichomes for them to change from clear to cloudy. I try to get a few amber (10% or more) but sometimes in my experience the autoflower just does not get as many amber trichomes a photo plant will but the quality it just as good. I do wait until all pistols have turned from white to orange/red and that most or all leafs have started to yellow. I have harvested early to have some more milder smoke for daytime use.

Do you have a process of ridding excess nutrients before harvest? Flushing? Or, do you not bother?

Plain water for 10 days before harvest.


How do you dry and cure your plants? Do you have any tricks or systems for curing, to share, that may benefit other growers?

Not really. I just hang them for 5 to 10 days then trim and place the buds in jars for 14 to 18 days opening the jar for at least 1 hour every day until the 14 days are up. I do still check them for at least another week to make sure they do not release to much more moisture so not to get mold.

How do you store your harvest?

Mason jars in a cool dark place.

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