Green Crack Automated: Update

Green Crack Automated: Update

Been a while since I showed nay progress on this project… Things have moved along slowly in the past couple of months.

Time for a little recap. The cross is Green Crack (photo) x SourD. I have to date germinated over 60 seeds with No auto traits showing in F1 the plan is to move to F2. Here’s the 2 girls sharing a 15L pot and started the stretch.

Here are what’s remaining of the hunt for a boy and different girl. They are just starting to sex, 3 in one pot has 1 confirmed Fem, 1 suspected Fem and waiting on the other.¬†One on its own is a Female and same pheno as the 2 in the 12L pot so will be culled soon.

Green Crack. This is the last of the Green Crack. I’ve taken no more clones, it’s been a nice plant to have around for the last year or more, but its now time to move on…

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