How to collect, dry, cure and store cannabis seeds


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There are different opinions and methods about storing  your seeds for a  long term –  in frizzer, refrigerator or room temperature.  I will not involve into the debates which method is better or more reliable… I will share my experience how I collect, dry, cure and store seeds. With my usual method that I use since January 2012 I still get 99% germination rate from seeds about 3 years old. I’ll check next year  :Happy-Grin:

After harvest, seeds continue to develop during drying and curing and if you pull them out fresh and quickly dried  without some more dry and cure they don’t germinate very well. After harvest I trim slightly and dump the buds in my humidor box for 12-14 hours for initial cure to even their humidity and prepare for slow dry. Then I put them in brown bags for 2-3 days to dry a bit (usually moisture decreases significantly for that time) and then I move them back to my humidor box to continue slow dry and cure for about 7-10 days.

When RH is about 63-65% inside the humidor and buds are ready for jarring, mature seeds start falling off. There is always good amount of bud left with my girls because I usually pollinate the whole plants in pre-flower/early bloom between day 30-35. That way I keep seeds from different plants and get smokable bud. At this point I start pulling out the seeds gently and chopping the buds on small bits. When all seeds are out I DRY THE HUMIDOR BOX VERY WELL AFTER BUDS ARE JARRED AND PUT THE SEEDS BACK. The point is seeds to dry on lower RH. I live in very humid place with average 65-85% RH and I usually keep the humidor close to dehumidifier for 2-3 weeks while doing germ tests during that time.

So about a month after harvest I usually have 99.99% germination rate and I store my seeds properly tagged in plastic vials with some rice in the frizzer  in air-tight containers. Make sure to remove all small bits vegetable matter and grade your seed before storing them.

SHORTLY: DON’T DRY CANNABIS SEEDS QUICKLY and don’t store them immediately after harvest.

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