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Mega Micro Madness: Watering Joy

Greetings planet polluters, The Mega Micro Madness continues but sometimes (most of the time actually) I wish it would end… I spend a stupid amount of time fixing and watering and the worst is still to come! First up is some of Rebels creations, six Silver Run and 2 Sister Discipline, they would be going […]

Mega Micro Madness – SourD chop

Greetings Sentient Beings of the planet Earth, Well I finally got around to cutting the SourD’s, one purple and one green, they are both very nice looking mini trees. They have been flowering since the 7th June 2015, so about 12 1/2 weeks :) First a picture from 22 June 2015 and one from the […]

Mega Micro Madness – AutoFire99 chop

Greetings Herbalising Humans, So today it is AutoFire99 day, all three were cut and trimmed. Trimming is simple when there is little on there to trim. All three AutoFire99 plants are super frosty, rock solid and stink much like cat piss, I cannot wait to vape my face off with some :) They are 69 […]

Mega Micro Madness: The Chop

Greetings tree killers, The time has come to end the lives of the older ones as I need the space for more. Every one of the plants is rock hard and very frosty, trimming was as easy as it gets, snip snip done. Most plants when grown this way end up as a bud on […]

Mega Micro Madness… continues! – part II

Greetings Pole Melters, It has been way to long since I fixed a post up….my bad! Anyhow things have started to go reasonably well with the newer ones, the PH has been a nightmare swinging all over the place…mostly too high (me and the PH) so over the last week or two I have been […]

Mega Micro Madness Mayhem

Greetings planet folk, Well my Mega Micro Madness grow has not really gone to plan, it’s more like Mega Micro Madness Mayhem, it’s hard to grow good when one has a care factor of zero lol. I am very disappointed in my lack of effort and will be spanking myself for it, I have now […]

The Micro Madness Continues!

Greetings Everybody, So the micro grow is still going, some go strong others not so strong… many plants have been reminded of the grow rules that I always grow by. One thing that gets plants terminated fast is ballage, male plants are great when you want to make beans but other than that they are […]

Mega Micro Madness Continues!

Greetings fellow Earth dwellers, The madness continues… with watering taking up a shot ton of my time every day! I am slowly bringing them all back to a healthy state but it is taking a bit longer than I like, I am thinking of flooding twice a day until I like how they look. As […]

Stunted presents “Mega Micro Madness”

Greetings inhabitants of the planet Earth, I have started my next grow, named “Mega Micro Madness” and yes it is as crazy as it sounds! The details: Strains: Mostly Sour60 (100ish) with a few SourD, SourD Mango, Amnesia Stone99, Amnesia Stone (F2), Moonstone Amnesia Plant count: 127 Pot size: 60ml total (40ml of coco and […]

The SourD adventure continues!

Greetings Walking Trash Generators, As you can tell in the pictures below every plant except SourD-2 has been defoliated as I attempt to get some better airflow happening, it also allows more light to reach SourD-2 which is where most of my meds will be coming from. The other plants will not yeild anywhere near […]

Stunted Stays Sour… D

Greetings Earthlings, So another week screams by and all of a sudden we are on Day 58 (8 Weeks+2 Days), some look better than others. Most of the light is directed at SourD-2 with the others living in it’s shadow :) There has been a little bit of shaping done and re-done, bit of lollypop, […]

Stunted Sour Journey Continues

Greetings Earth infestation, Strain: SourD, SourD Mango, Sour Lemon, Sour Caramel, Sour Blueberry Indoor Medium: Coco Pot (size/type): 1.8 Ltr Kind of training (if any): None yet Age of the plant (days or weeks): 7 weeks + 1 day (50 Days) Height of the plant: See below Temperature: 26-30 C Relative humidity: 50%+ Lights type […]

Stunted is still Sour… D

Hello and Welcome to my update inhabitants of planet Earth  :Hello:  SourD, SourD Mango, Sour Lemon, Sour Caramel, Sour Blueberry Indoor Medium: Coco Pot (size/type): 1.8 Ltr Kind of training (if any): None yet Age of the plant: 6 weeks (42 Days) Height of the plant: See below Temperature: 30C+ Relative humidity: 50%+ Lights type […]

Stunted goes SourD

Greetings Portal dwelling bipeds, A new Sour adventure has just begun at the house of Stunted, running my 1.8 Ltr pots to help them through the stupid hot days. Pots were preflushed with a weak nutrient solution (470 [email protected] PH) with an added dash of Cal/Mag, nutrients will be used to slow these plants down […]

What happens when things go wrong?

What happens when things go wrong? I have been asked that question a few times and never really answered it properly, until now :) But first off I would like to appologise to MrN, Krk, Stone and Yoda for the lack of testing and updatings…. I had to go hide under my rock for a […]

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