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Strain Review by Medi: Black Stone

Black Stone

Strain Review: Black Stone Grower’s name: Medi Breeder: Stone Medium: True Living Organics Nutrients: AACT (ewc, kelp meal, composted cow manure, bokashi, myco, fish emulsion) Lights: MarsHydro Reflector 96 diodes X 3w (180w draw) From Seed: 98 days Harvest Points: 15-20% Amber Dry Yield: 32.9 grams The Growth: This was an unstoppable plant from day 1.  She was very leafy with […]

Strain review by Cocha: Bluestone

BLUESTONE STRAIN REVIEW  Grower’s name: Cocha Strain: Bluestone Breeder: Stone Indoor Medium: 6L Airpot & coco, soil mix Nutrients: Ionic range with Canna additives Lights (indoor): 2x GN-MS0006 – 20/4 From Seed: days 80 ish Harvest Points: 80 cloudy & 20 clear trichs Dry Yield: grams 10-14 ish Bluestone Growth: Was just about ready, maybe another week […]

Strain Review by Medi: Bluestone

STRAIN REVIEW: BLUESTONE Grower’s name: Medi Strain: Bluestone Breeder: Stone Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Medium: True Living Organics recipe Nutrients: Actively Aerated Compost Teas Lights (indoor): Mars Hydro From Seed: 90 days Harvest Points: Mostly cloudy with some amber. Dry Yield: 24 grams The Growth: Growth was vigorous with a larger terminal cola and moderate branching. The Smell: This was a very pungent forest berry bouquet throughout the grow […]

Strain Review by waira: Bluestone

STRAIN REVIEW: BLUESTONE   Grower’s name: Waira   Strain: Bluestone (2 phenos, both auto’ed)    Breeder: Stone   Indoor/Outdoor:  both   Medium: FoxFarms OF/HF even blend for starting; transplant soil – Emerald Triangle Recipe 420… 2 plants per 5 gal smart pot.   Nutrients:  Sea Grow mostly, Grow and Bloom; Ca-Mg; Si supp’ ProTekt; Big Bloom: occasional hits with microbe […]

Strain Review by Mississ: Moonstone

Mississ’ Moonstones Indoor Grow: 4x2x4ft Lighthouse Hydro Tent Medium: Roots Original organic soil Pot (size/type): 1.5 Gallon airpots Sizes: from 25″ to 30”/60-75 cm Temperature: 80-84 F / 26-28 C Relative Humidity: 40-60% Lights type and schedule: 4X4 T5 mixed spectrum and a Blackstar 180 UV 18/6 Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: Sea Grow, and Botonicare […]

Strain Review by Musturd: Sour Mango

Strain Review by Musturd: Sour Mango Grower’s name: Musturd Strain: Sour Mango Breeder: NW Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor 4x4x7 tent Medium: Roots Original Organic Soil, with Roots Elemental Nutrients: SeaGrow AP, Bloom and Hawiian Bud. Roots Ancient Amber, Trinity, Surge, HPK. Botonicare Cal-Mag+ Lights (indoor): 600w HPS and 3x40w 6500k CFL. 18/6 From Seed: 70 days Harvest […]

Strain Review by Cocha: Moonstone

Strain Review: Moonstone Grower’s name: Cocha Strain: Moonstone Breeder: Stone Indoor Medium: DWC Nutrients: Canna Lights (indoor): 1X GN MS0006 From Seed: days 80-87? Harvest Points: I always wait a few days from seed before feeding & call that day 1 so although I chopped @ day 80 she may be as old as day 87-90 […]

Topped Amnesia Stone: Harvest points Part I

Topped Amnesia Stone: Harvest points Good day fellow AFPortalions… Portalarians?  Hope all’s well and green in the garden/s. Recently had to axe my 2 Amnesia Stones, very sad indeed. But I had just started using some backup street hydro so worked out beautifully. This is the final Update for Amnesia Stone #1, including the last 16 Days and […]

Strain Review by Duggy: Moonstone

Duggy’s MoonStone Report Strain: Moonstone Breeder: Stone Did it autoflower?: Yes Soil/Hydro: Coco/Perlite in Autopot. Nutes: GHE Biosevia range. Light : 125w 6500k cfl & 100w LED From seed to harvest date: 109 days Dry Yield: 46g   High/Effect Duration: 2 hours… sample @90 days quite motivating, @100 days quite relaxing and harvest @ 109 […]

Strain Review: White Urckle x LowRyder x Jem

  STRAIN Review White Urckle x LowRyder x Jem Grower’s name:  Pop22 Strain:  White Urckle x LowRyder x Jem Breeder:  Yodabuds Indoor/Outdoor   Outdoor Medium:  Organic potting soil in a 5 gallon grow bag. Nutrients:  none Lights (indoor):   [ ] Hours direct sunlight (outdoor)  at peak 10 hours From Seed: __ days  about 80 […]

Duggy style smoke reports: Mumbling Dragon and Double Dragon

Double Dragon Report Strain: Double Dragon Breeder: NW Did it autoflower? Yes Soil/Hydro: Coco/Perlite in Autopot. Nutes: Ionic Coco Grow, Dutch Pro Coco Bloom, Rhizotonic, Canna Calcium, Hammerhead PK 4/10. Light : 200w Helios LED 20/4. From seed to harvest date: 95 days Dry Yield: 47g High/Effect Duration: 2 hours. Early sample @ day 70 […]

Stone Dragon Chronicles: Unpublished review and smoke report

Hey my friends. I would like to share with you one unpublished review of Stone Dragon that was shared with me in private. Everyone who has unpublished grow or smoke notes for sharing is more than welcome to submit them. Thank you  MY FIRST AUTOFLOWER GROW: Stone Dragon grow review  Spring – summer 2013 Slovenia outdoors […]

Strain Review by Eyes on Fire: Black Stone

Strain Review: Black Stone  Fourth generation test grow Grower’s name: Eyes on Fire Breeder: Stone Indoor: Gorilla Tent 5X5 w/ Diamond Mylar lining Medium: TLO soil Nutrients: ACT’s and the occasional Soup feeding early on Lights: T-5 HO four foot 8 Bulb Hydrofarm’s From Seed: 13 weeks Harvest Points: Regulars are a more intense smell. The Fems are similar in smell […]

Strain Review by Eyes on Fire: Stone99

Grower’s name: Eyes on Fire Strain: Stone99 Breeder: Stone Indoor: 5X5 Gorilla Tent w/ Diamond Mylar linking.Flat white grow table Medium: Soil-TLO  Mix.2.1 Master Soil Recipe Designed by the Rev.Used his mellow mix for seedlings cut by 60% with Jiyy’s Seedling organic mix… Its now a fantastic seedling mix for photos and Autos alike. Nutrients: […]

Strain Review by Eyes on Fire: Moonstone

Strain Review: Moonstone  First generation test grow (May-July 2014) Grower’s name: Eyes on Fire Strain: Moonstone Breeder: Stone Indoor: Gorilla 5x5x7′ grow tent with Diamond Mylar lining Medium: Soil. 2.1 Master Soil TLO Recipe designed by the Rev along with his Mellow Mix Seedling mix Nutrients: Aerated Compost Teas (ACT’s) and basic soup styled feedings with Cal-Mag (Equilibrium), Organic Liquid, Kelp […]

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