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Stunted Goes Full Retard!

Greetings Humans, Aliens, Lizard people and the “Greys” So it has been a long time since I have done a blog post, health has been bad for a while now with me and “Cowbeast” both having to doctor every week…..oh and frying my laptop was a huge setback, laptops hate bong juice. I have lost […]

Amethyst days 29-71

Strain: Amethyst Medium: Roots Organics Soil Pot: Bigger Girl was started in 1 gallon grow bag and transplanted into a 3 gallon fabric pot. The little girl was started in a 0.75 gallon plastic nursery pot and is staying in that one for the duration of her life. Kind of training: I like them all natural so […]

Rainbow Moonstone HARVEST

Hey Hey my friends!! The time has come for my harvest update. Its been 9 weeks since this girl broke surface and declared Day 1, and it has been a hell of a ride! I’ve done a ton of careless mistakes throughout the grow but I am still learning and dialling in my grow space […]

Rainbow Moonstone Day 62

Good evening!! Day 62 and due to bad planning and lack of time Ive decided she is coming down tomorrow evening. Will probably be trimming over the new years! Harvest update will come either tomorrow night or January 1st! Strain: Rainbow Moonstone Medium (hydro/soil/coco): 50% soil (Biobizz Light Mix) 50% Coco Pot (size/type): 20L Airpot […]

Rainbow Moonstone Day 61

Hey everybody, Only a few days left… Now we’re at day 61 and harvest is closing in on us. Strain: Rainbow Moonstone Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Medium (hydro/soil/coco): 50% soil (Biobizz Light Mix) 50% Coco Pot (size/type): 20L Airpot Kind of training (if any):None. Age of the plant (days or weeks): 61 days Height of the plant: 49cm […]

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