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How to make Vegetable Glycerin (VG) tincture

 VG Tincture (e-liquid) Gather the following materials: 1 Crock Pot (or similar) 1 quart jar Vegetable Glycerin (food grade…check amazon) 1 thermometer Cannabis trim or buds 1 foil lined cookie sheet Cheese Cloth Strainer Step 1: Pre-heat oven to 250F. If using flowers, grind them up fine. Lay the cannabis out on the foil lined […]

Canna infused Christmas cookies

Canna infused Christmas cookies Now that December is approaching it is time for some Christmas baking. Stone was talking about cookies lately and I decided to make some today. I am not good with following special recipes so you can modify this recipe the way you want. However, I always prefer simple recipes and I […]

Sugar free canna (ABV) chocolate

Hey my friends, yesterday I made a batch of sugar free canna chocolate and I decided to share with you my simple recipe :Delicious: I love to cook but I never follow recipes and proportions because I always improvise in the kitchen so no exact proportions in my recipes and you can always add something extra  :Wink: […]

Fried Cannabis Oil

Fried Cannabis Oil This is a quick to make oil based extraction that is great for sleep and pain relief. I use raw coconut oil for extraction since it is easily absorbed but any oil of your choice should work. It works best if taken with some food, Mrs. Oldster spreads 1 – 2 cc’s […]

How to make ABV Cannabis capsules

Hey my friends  :Hello: Last weekend I made some canna capsules from my ABV (already been vaped) leftovers and documented it so everyone who is wondering what to do with their ABV and get some extra meds, could do it :Wink: What You Will Need I don’t use precise measures for this recipe because I […]

Ramblings of an old farmer – Quick Green Dragon

Well, it was time to mix up a new batch of Green Dragon so I thought I would post my process. I find this to be great for sleep. 1 cc held in my mouth for about 30 seconds starts to kick in after about 30 minutes. It allows me to sleep all night and […]

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