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Drying and storing pollen, seeds, buds

Pollen collection, drying and storing

Greetings friends. I would like to show you how I harvest my pollen. The males that are being used for this guide are a Night Terror OG (left), and a Long Peak Blues (right). It is important to note that mature pollen is a nice yellow color. White or creamy looking pollen is immature. I […]

How to Dry Cannabis Buds in Brown Paper Bags: The Truth!

  How to Dry Cannabis Buds in Brown Paper Bags: The Truth! Ok folks thought that I would bring you the Truth about Paper Bag dried Buds. I have been drying buds of all sizes in paper bags for years now and have NEVER lost bud to mold. This is the only way I dry and in […]

How to collect, dry, cure and store cannabis seeds

` There are different opinions and methods about storing  your seeds for a  long term –  in frizzer, refrigerator or room temperature. After harvest, seeds continue to develop during drying and curing and if you pull them out fresh and quickly dried  without some more dry and cure they don’t germinate very well. After harvest […]

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