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N.W: Sour Lemon Day 41

Sour Lemon test grow Title: Sour Lemon Indoor/Outdoor 80cm x 80cm x 160cm Tent Medium (hydro/soil/coco) DIY store soil with added Perlite Pot (size/type): 18L Kind of training (if any): None Age of the plant (days or weeks): 41 Days Height of the plant: 22″ Temperature: 22-24c Relative humidity: 35% Lights type and schedule (for indoor): 400w HPS @ 20/4 Nutrients and […]

Stunted Grows Sour

Stunted Grows Sour Greeting Humans, It is updating time, from the 23rd and 29th Jan  :Happy:  23rd Jan 2015, Day 30, 1440 ppm, PH UNK So… there has been a couple of things happen and we are already one plant down, Sour Caramel (M3-1) could not handle the huge nute slap and reacted extremely poorly […]

N.W Sour Caramel full grow log

Hi folks. After a couple of successful test grows I think it’s about time to share with everybody Sour Caramel. Most of our members have had a sneak preview of Sour Caramel growing as a test grow under the test name “M3″. I will now share one of said test grows here. 1st November 2014 […]

SourD Mango Day 63

Small update this week as I only have a few girls in full flower. Ok let’s start and Finish with the SourD Mango. Today is Day 63 and she is Fox Tailing like crazy. I only really get this during the colder months, which leads me to believe that it has some thing to do […]

N.W: Autoworld

Hey Folks. Bringing you all something older and newer in this update. Let’s start with something older My Sour Mango. This young lady is 50 days old now and smelling wonderful. Next to something New: This young lady is one of my very latest creations and is know for the moment as M1. Day 72 […]

Yoda’s Dragon Breath Update

Hi Guys, The Dragon Breath are all finishing up currently, they went much longer than needed, but I wanted to be sure I had some good ole ripe seeds.  It seems to be two predominate Phenos a very large one and a medium one with less stretching.  I like both phonos personally as they both […]

Green Crack Automated Project

Green Crack Automated Poor GC Clones are not have the best of times lately. Little catch up required. Ok Green Crack pheno I have been running for a while now is a fast finishing photoperiod, flowering is finished under in 60 days, from that period the plant begins to shut down (die). Stems get limp, […]

Green Crack Automated: Update

Green Crack Automated: Update Dropping by with a progress report on the 2 seed Green crack project girls… Lets get this update started with the GC girl dusted with Stone Jack pollen… Today is her 6th week of 12/12 so just a couple of more weeks to go till shes done, but i will give […]

Yoda’s Dragon Breath Update

Yoda’s Dragon Breath Update Howdy folks!  :Happy: Sorry its been a while since last update… Life happens… :Tired: I have learned some very valuable lessons this past round going from f2 to f3.  I had my favorite pheno of the bunch and put her in a tent with my other flowering ladies hoping the 1,000w […]

Green Crack Automated Day 48

Well here we go again. Been a bit longer than expected but its Update time. Sorry I missed last weeks update. So these are todays pics of her just under 7 weeks old (day48 of 12/12) and moving fast to the finish. She got a little top heavy and split her trunk. So a little […]

Green Crack Automated! Dragon Style

Howdy Folks, Just another glimpse into my canna world. Here we have a very fine Green Crack photoperiod. All pics here are of one plant she`s now 5 weeks into 12/12 and see 3rd generation clone from an original plant grown from seed by myself. She`s a fast mover and is ready to harvest around […]

Game: Bluestone – guess the weight winners

Hey my friends, hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  :Approve: It’s my pleasure to announce the results and winners of the Game Waira said: smaller – 18.4 dry, the larger was  25.3 dry… 43.7 total Mmm, over 40 grams of tasty buds for less than 9 weeks  :Who-s-the-man: And the closest guesses for the final […]

Stone’s Collection: Stone Dragon, Moonstone

Stone Dragon

Hey my friends, I finally had some time to sort out pictures of my currents grows. I was dropping Stone Dragon beans since end of July and killed many seedling in the selection but finally found what I was looking for on some phenos of F3 and F4. The Stone Dragon F3 (white, branchy and […]

Stone’s Collection: Moonstone


Stone’s Collection: Moonstone Quick photo update – Moonstone day 56 Girls are moving nicely plugged into the wilma drips already a week  and now it’s the bloom nutes boost week – I poured PK13/14, OVERDRIVE, Hesi boost, B52, supervit and sensizym in the reservoir (30l), from next week water only  :Happy-Grin:  Seeds of the fastest girl […]

Breeder interview: N.W

This is our latest Autoflower Portal interview with our friend, team member and breeder, N.W. He has kindly agreed to answer some questions for us so our readers can learn more about him and his work

. We always start with this question so you probably expect it but how did you start growing cannabis? Did […]

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