Parasitic plants

Parasitic plants sink specialized roots (haustoria) into the host’s xylem and phloem to withdraw fluids and nutrients. [1] 
  1. Broomrape
Orobanche ramose_broomrapeCause or pathogen: Orobanche ramosa Description and Symptoms: Some authors consider broomrape the biggest threat to cannabis cultivation in southern France. Broomrape damage plants roots and make them more susceptible to root rot fungi. They send shoots above ground only briefly to reproduce. Recommendations: Some herbicides could help. [1,2]
  1. Dodder
Cuscuta europea_dodderCause or pathogen: Cuscuta campestris and Cuscuta europea Description and Symptoms: Dooder sinks haustoria into above-ground part. Cuscuta campestris has been described to attack “drug type” cannabis in USA and fiber hemp in Europe and Cuscuta europea – fiber hemp in Europe. Dooders twine themselves around stems and branches. [1] Recommendations: Some herbicides could help.   Sources 1. A review of Cannabis Diseases 2. The problem of Orobanche spp in Africa and Near East back-md

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